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INTRO Hi, i'm new here and like to introduce myself

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Sep 26, 2017
Hi, i'm a Belgian entrepeneur since 11yrs but caught on the Slowlane.
We have a shop (b&m and online) with ecological paints and wallpapers but the job is time consuming (a lot of advice given to DIY'ers) and are also contracters in eco-painting houses.
Our is company a cooperative and we are five managers and 13 employés.
Which give a heavy HR load too.

Five yrs ago i started feeling the trap and i tried to escape the rat race by investing in precious metals and since last april in crypto currencies.
But now i can see these are merely wealth savers and/or have limited yield (i don't trade cryptos, just hodl).
I'm used to hard working and learning from mistakes.

I'm not into this forum for 'trying' the fastlane but am very dedicated to build something that buys me back my free time and wealth to invest in myself and my family.
I have expertise in creating value, selling stuff and am ok with computers, though am not a programmer.
Don't know yet what direction this 'something' will grow into so any input is welcome.

Thanks a lot!

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Jul 24, 2013
Athens, Greece
Hi @maiko

I like your humble intro. I think in a few lines you communicate that you understand more than most new entrepreneurs. If you have read TMF, you may recall at some point Mj speaks about the roads to welath (real estate, internet, content, rentals, human management) with the human management being the hardest. I don't know if you have encounter this in your career but that's what reminded me from your intro.

Hope to see you around, good luck in your journey.

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