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Hi from Iowa

Discussion in 'Forum Introductions (Who are you!?)' started by Ausable, Nov 12, 2007.

  1. Ausable

    Ausable New Contributor

    Likes Received:
    Nov 12, 2007
    Des Moines
    Rep Bank:
    As with most sites on the web, I really don't know how I got here, but I’m glad I’m here. After a couple of weeks of on and off visiting, I thought it was time to finally create an account and start to contribute. I'm not originally from Iowa but moved here from Michigan about 4 years ago, when the economy in Michigan was already nose-diving.

    I like to read non-fiction business books, especially business leader bio's. One of my favorite books is Ben Franklin's 12 Rules of Management by Blaine McCormick, which was a textbook in one of my sister’s college classes that I found in my parents basement. I read this book while I was still in Michigan living with my parents, and it made me realized that I was not stuck in the current situation that I was in (the prison of circumstance). That opened my mind to being able to change my circumstances, and helped me to decide to move to Iowa where my sister lived, it also opened my mind to new opportunities around me.

    I never enjoyed working for someone, and that was reinforced when I was a co-op in college at my first real corporate job. And my first real boss gave me a bit of his wisdom, in that he told me "You'll never get rich working for someone else." He then started to tell me his own story, and that he owned a couple of businesses and that the reason that he was working here was as a favor to the CEO and it wasn't about the money, since he had plenty from his businesses. I tucked that into the back of my mind, and didn't bring it out until I moved to Iowa.

    Knowing that I am interested real estate, from my time in college as housing chairman for my fraternity. I just needed to capitalize on that desire. So I bought a bunch of RE books off the web and read them all a couple of times, and that got me into the analysis-paralysis. My sister put it best "You know all this stuff, why don't you do something with it?" So that was when I bought my first foreclosure property about a year and a half ago. I had planed on just rehabbing and selling that first house, but I eventually moved into it since my apartment lease was up. Now that I had one property under my belt, it was time for another small step. So I bought another foreclosure home, but this time I was more disciplined in the process, since I learned a lot of lessons from the first house. It took me about two months to finish the rehab on the second home, compared to 9 months on the first home.

    [FONT=&quot]I've got the second home on the market right now and am looking for another property. But I'm kind of questioning my current system, of fix and flip, since the market in my area seems to be moving from sales to rentals. So now I basically need to learn a new system adding to my current system, and look for SFH that would make good rentals. My eventually goal is to get into commercial property side of the business, both the ownership of shopping malls/office parks/high rises and the development of those types of properties. But I'm taking it one step at a time.[/FONT]
  2. MJ DeMarco

    MJ DeMarco Raving Lunatic Staff Member Read Millionaire Fastlane I've Read UNSCRIPTED FASTLANE INSIDER Speedway Pass LEGENDARY CONTRIBUTOR Summit Attendee

    Likes Received:
    Jul 23, 2007
    Phoenix, AZ
    Rep Bank:
    Admin Post
    Welcome and thanks for the great intro and background on your story.
  3. CarrieW

    CarrieW Gold Contributor Read Millionaire Fastlane Speedway Pass

    Likes Received:
    Nov 12, 2007
    suburbs of savannah in Ga
    Rep Bank:

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