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Read Millionaire Fastlane
Mar 6, 2018
Manhattan, NY

My passion has been real estate, with a focus in multi-family apartments, ever since i read rich dad poor dad. I started grinding by reading numerous RE books and hours of podcasts, luckily a specific podcast always asks it's guest which book helped change their life and given them the drive to take action. Fastlane was the book the guest recommend and i am grateful that he did. I think i read both fastlane and unscripted within a week, enjoyed both.

My wife and i make half a million dollars at scripted jobs. After reading books and having my mind set changed it's obvious that we aren't making our money work for us. It feels like the more money you make the more you spend, guess that is how people get in trouble with the tax man once their professional sports careers end. I have been fortunate enough to travel the world and able to buy mostly anything i want at 31 years old. I am ready to get over the Sunday night blues and take back my time to focus on things i am passionate about.

While my passion is in real estate i am currently exploring taking a product to market in the pet space. I could use guidance on good books to read and some things to avoid. I have my vision onto paper but need to get moving onto the next steps. I am what some people call a dreamer, i seem to have all these ideas and every time i tell my wife she giggles but this idea she pushed all her chips in and said make it happen. Pretty excited to see where this goes, maybe it's a flop but i believe it could really bring value to anyone who buys it.

My ultimate goal with creating future wealth are the following.

1. 4,000 units - Real Estate
2. Pay off student loan debt for my entire family (brother, sister)
3. Open a 20 acre a dog sanctuary
4. Sell 1 mil units of my invention
5. Own that Lamborghini toy i had as a kid.. but the grown up version.

Some lofty goals which means i need to start collecting voucher dollars as soon as possible.

Thank you all for being active in this forum - providing guidance and giving back to so many people.

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