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New Contributor
Aug 30, 2007
Phoenix, Az
Wow, what a great forum. I visit the RDPD forum a lot, but have stopped posting there due to lots of negativity. I am so glad I found this forum.

Some background; I am a former engineer and was just following the corporate path like most other folks. I got an assignment overseas and went to Munich Germany for three years and that really opened my eyes. Around the same time, RK came out with RDPD and I was hooked. Once our assignment was over, we vowed we would get back to Europe on our own terms, maybe living there part time when the heat really hits Phoenix! One of the first things we did when we came back was to sign up for one of the late night Real Estate Informercial classes (I had jet lag and could not sleep!).

We signed up and started on our path to Real Estate investing. One of the first techniques we learned was called wholesaling. Just in our first month we made more than my wife's teaching contract for the year. We were hooked. So after a year of doing some wholesales here and there, while still working, I decided to quit my job. You should have heard the reactions from friends and family. But it was a decision I do not regret. I have tried almost everything in REI, from Lease/Options, Subject-to, Landlording and fix/flip.

I feel I lost focus along the way tyring all those different techniques and didn't make as much as I should have during the boom and am now getting back to fundamentals. Especially with the way the current market is, I am getting back into the flow.

I look forward to meeting some of you and interacting on this forum. REI is just one path I am taking. Being an engineer, I am always looking for that killer product I want to invent/design and bring it to market.


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Fastane Legend. RIP.
Aug 2, 2007
Palm Beach, FL
Welcome to the fastlane. :)

MJ DeMarco

Staff member
Read Millionaire Fastlane
Summit Attendee
Speedway Pass
Jul 23, 2007
Fountain Hills, AZ
Welcome ... you in Phoenix?


New Contributor
Aug 30, 2007
Phoenix, Az
Yes, I'm in Phoenix. I just updated my profile to show that.

Just a quick observation. I went to a wedding today (yes, on Sunday) and we were talking to some investors from here in town. I could not believe how negative they were. As we left to go to the reception, my wife and I discussed this and said we would not sit with that couple at the reception. We did this simply because we did not want their negative vibes to rub off on us. We currently have two houses on the market and instead of waiting for buyers to call us, we are finding ways to market to potential buyers. Everyday we discuss a new idea or action to take to get exposure for these listings. I feel we do this, because we feel positive about our business and how we are working it. I guess the phrase, your perception is your reality. I hope that makes sense, I just back from the wedding and had a little bit of champagne.

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