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INTRO Hello guys, time to do it.

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MJ DeMarco

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Jul 23, 2007
Fountain Hills, AZ


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Oct 19, 2017
Tell us about yourself, what brings you here?

We will be kind!
: )
Well, as you can see I made an account almost year ago, then went about other things. I probably wasnt ready to seriously bite into this. Im 28 now, I work as a physician in my country (Croatia), in ambulance (here we have docs in ambulance, not medics) and I can say as far as the "get good grades good career good money" game goes, its nice. Also I did not yet choose a specialty which means Im not bound to anything and can pack my bags and go anywhere at any moment, a feeling I treasure and plan to keep.

I just (as of writing of this reply) have finished reading "Rich dad, poor dad" which lead me to this forum again, and I have your book ready to go trough. I dont impose limits on what I can do, had I done that Id never finish my studies or be brave enough to work what I do. I dont come from a rich family, or highly educated so in my family circle Im already a "celebrity" but I see more and I want that whats glimmering at the horizon, maybe whats even more - whats been glimmering inside me since I was born. I always believed in challenging myself trough life but not according external values, but my inner.
"There is more" a voice inside me is always telling me. "There is more, just learn to get it, hack the method". Im obsessed with patterns and I like to see how things work.

I want to learn to be more efficient with my assets - with my mind, my time, money, I want to reach level of efficiency that enables me to work for fun and enjoy all this Life offers.

The thing I wanna learn the most is to be comfortable with investing etc. since I am the type of person who plays on SURE thing a lot. I dont like risk at all. I wanna know everything about something before I pull the trigger. The type of person who could read 100 reviews about advantages of one coffee mug over another. (and I dont even drink coffee lol) But good thing about this I presume, is, that I always want to maximize my investments in life. This will probably be a field of a lot of self realization for me.

Right now I dont plan to do anything but learn about money, and find out the best way to provide best value to biggest number of people.

This forum is my way to surround myself with people who know more than me and have more experience with making value. Since thats whats money is from, what I gather, a symbol for value, in its pluripotent form. Not knowing anyone irl who makes millions, this forum is what I need right now.

After I got trough gold threads on here, Id love to acquire a mentor and invest my free time to developing a relationship that can further both parties. I do love my work and I do want to keep working and accumulating wealth that way, but also I want to have a way out ready when I decide to go into something else. Right now my heart is in its right place working my job. But I absolutely agree about your post regarding different approaches in making money with hours vs making money with sales.

Im excited about making friendship with people who can teach me since I pretty much maxed my stats with people around me, or atleast Im not interested in doing what they do.

Im all ears, lads, and thanks for dropping by to greet me : )

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