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INTRO Hello Forum! tech writing editing ideas, etc.

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Alexan Mandel

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Aug 23, 2018
Hi All! Great to join this forum! I feel very inspired by MJ's Fastlane book and have just started the "thinking process" as to the need I can solve. My background is in tech writing and editing. A business of that kind does not strike me as an idea amenable to CENTS. I am very good at tech editing especially, but even if I were overwhelmed with clients, I'd make a decent income at best, and nothing on the scale of Fastlane. Hiring other writers and editors to work for me, well, that would introduce a whole host of problems that I don't even want to touch, and I'd probably violate the CENTS commandments at some point.

I'll be thinking and looking for needs I can solve while using my abilities and experience, but I am not restricting myself to tech writing and editing. Writing books, e.g. romance/adventure novels *might* be turned into a Fastlane business, but (all things considered) it's an extremely remote possibility and, frankly, not something I'd love doing... haven't tried to know for sure.

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Dec 27, 2017
Spokane WA
Hi There! Welcome to the forum Alexan!
There are tons of threads on here about copywriting and publishing. If you search around you might find a progress thread or AMA that can give you some ideas.

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