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Jun 24, 2019
Hi. My name is Stefan, I am 26 years old, and until 22, I didn't give a shit about my life, my dreams, and my future. I was raised in a family where I was told that I need to go to the Faculty Of Mechanical Engineering and become a Mechanical Engineer, and my father will help me get a job. It looked so easy for me, and because I have always chosen what was easy I did not think about it at all. Meanwhile, I met my future wife and my life looked so nice. I have graduated and went for the interview. There, I had the first reality check. Although my father talked for me, there was only a position far away from my home and my wife. There, I had the first reality check. I started to realize that because of my choices (to not give a F*ck about my future) I was in a place that seemed so wrong. I started to read, in order to find out some ways to escape, because I came to the conclusion that I am in danger to become trapped in a place I hate for the following 40 years.

The more I read, the more I have realized that I actually don't have any skills, and at my job, I was wasting time pretending to do the job. I hate mechanics and all parts of it, and I suck at it. This was happening in 2016.

Then, I managed to find a way to move with my position in my hometown (again, with the help of my father) and continuing faking the job, while hating it with all my heart.
In 2017 I heard about the Amazon business, paid a course, respected the steps and not thinking on my own (probably because all of my life I was accustomed that other person must do the job for me, while I do not put any effort). Of course, I failed and had another reality check. I lack discipline, work ethic and I thought that there is a get rich quick shortcut that I must find.

Because I have lost money and my budget was low, I have decided that I want to start a dropshipping business, because I read that you need a lower budget, and I wanted to start small, to learn the basics, fb ads, google ads (Notice my plan at the end of 2017). I started to read motivational stories, feeding my brain with all the "motivational videos", but actually doing NOTHING.

Fast forward 2019, I didn't start the dropshipping business yet, but still reading "motivational books". A few weeks ago, while searching for another book to feed my brain and to trick my mind that I need one more book and after that, I will be ready to start, I found UNSCRIPTED. I downloaded it (didnt buy it), and I started to read It. 2 weeks later, after a quick 250 pages, I ordered it because I felt I have to do this. I resonated with it and it seemed that I found the missing puzzle to my situation. Although my native language is not English and there are a lot of words that I do not understand, now I have it in my hands and want to read every day with a pen in my hand, and to extract all the information.

After the quick reading, I understand why I have failed. because of the FAKE ACTIONS that I took every day since the end of 2017. I was pretending that I climbed another step towards my dream (to live free and to travel with my family and own my time) by reading something about dropshipping, but in reality, doing nothing. I have bought courses, but again, didn't apply anything.

So, I am here because when I want to be an entrepreneur. Because at my attempt with amazon business, I have received some messages from my customers where they were thanking me for the product and I felt AWESOME, to know that I really made a person happy. That feeling I haven't found it at my job.

So, my WHY's are a lot:
  • Providing a better life for my family
  • I want to be free and do whatever I want
  • I want to travel with my family and to have fun
  • I hate my job and my environment
  • I hate my boss because how he treats me
  • I want to prove to my family that I can succeed
The only person who supports me and my dream is my wife. I can not talk with my family or other people around me. They always laugh at me and tell me to come back to reality.
I feel that I do not resonate with the people around me.

The problems that I am facing now and working on them are:
  • Stop Fake Acting and actually do something
  • I feel overwhelmed because I want to learn a lot of things and I feel that I do not have the time, and the day passes without doing anything
  • I lack skills because I didn't give a crap about knowing how to do things.
  • I keep hitting the snooze button most of the days, although I want to get up between 5-5:30 to learn and to work at my business.
What are my plans? I still want to start a dropshipping business, cause I think it will help me to learn marketing. But now I know it is a process, and I am willing to put in the effort.

If you had the patience to read all the story, or even some of it, I want to thank you.
@MJ DeMarco , thank you for the book and also for this forum. I will start to read it every day.
@ Fastlane Forum, Thank you all for all the value you bring and I look forward to talk with you guys.

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MJ DeMarco

Staff member
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Jul 23, 2007
Fountain Hills, AZ
Thanks for ordering the book after the illegal download. Appreciated.

Welcome aboard.

Andy Daniels

Bronze Contributor
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May 29, 2017
Not being a native English speaker, your written English is far better than most. Nice!

Best of luck on your journey!

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