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EXECUTION Growing an established automotive business

Discussion in 'Progress/Execution Threads' started by Singh, Jun 3, 2018.

  1. Singh

    Singh Contributor Read Millionaire Fastlane Speedway Pass

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    Feb 27, 2016
    West Midlands, UK
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    So for a long while I was very business minded jumping from one ship to another wanting my own business until one day I had an AHA! moment.

    My family is in the automotive industry with their own business, they would very happily give me a part of it and eventually pass it on to me if I desire. I am currently working full time in a very good slowlane job with a promising future in the medical industy but like most on this forum its not what I am looking for.

    The business itself does very well indeed but has tons of room for expansion. However my family are a bit 'old school' so do not realise the power of the internet. customers mainly come through word of mouth due to the quality of work being good but it is rare to get a new customer without them being recommended by an existing one

    It has been around for over 26 years in my families ownership and was founded over 60 odd years ago by its original owners, there is tons of room for expansion and this what I am looking to explore. my aim is to grow the business and build some form of sister branch to it of which I will keep ownership of.

    My plan of action is firstly bring it onto social media and promote it as a brand. Apart from an online presence a website would not provide much benefit at this stage so I will be building an Instagram page and growing the following for the already existing Facebook page. I will look into competitors and copy what they are doing for now.

    Plan of action for this week:

    - Create Instagram page and set up followliker on a low setting to gain some followers as well as organic growth through family and friends whilst learning about hashtags, how to gain followers etc.
    - Create Youtube channel which will have ' How To ' videos for general car maintenance as well as some videos of some interesting cars that come in
    - Begin design of new business card as current one is a little outdated and does not stand out all
    - Look into grants/ schemes available through the local councils

    If anyone on this forum has done a similar thing with an existing business then please share you successes and mistakes.
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