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Greetings from the Northwest

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Feb 14, 2008
I'm a husband and dad that just got a mental kick (the good kind) in the last week. I finally got around to reading "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" and it just clicked. Really, really clicked. The things that suddenly clarified and solidified in my head were amazing. It made me realize just how much time I've squandered (I'm 37) by letting my assets just sit in idle. Well, that ends now. The wife is on board and the kids are strapped into their carseats (damn their cute). I'm dropping it into first and seeing just how far I can run it up.

I'm in a favourable position in that our debts are minimal, my actual assets are decent, and my financial education (thanks to the sponge in my noggin') is ramping up rapidly. I'm setting a goal of five years to hit my first and second million (that's the first draft in pencil; I'll be checking the reasonableness of it immediately).

For now I expect my main contribution to be questions as I leech like a newborn.

Glad to be here!

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