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OFF-TOPIC Getting a new computer. maybe iMac, thoughts?


New Contributor
Nov 6, 2007
Chicago, Il
Hey guys, I'm going to be moving out at the end of January and will be leaving my cheap/slow laptop behind for my family to use. So I am starting to look around for a good computer and wanted to get some opinions from those of you who know computers better than me (probably everyone on this site lol).

I am setting a spending limit of 2k and want something that is a really good all round machine, fast and reliable.
I like the new iMAC that now comes with os x leopard, probably going to look at the 2.4ghz with 24" display model
I know a lot of people don't like mac's and some do, but those people with strong opinoins either way tend to use a computer to its fullest. I just want something that is going to have no problem serving someone who listens to music, surfs websites, runs a website/online business, keeps track of info/expenses/etc on my rental properties and busineses, and watches tv shows and videos every once in a while. would the iMac with 2.4ghz and 1gb memory be sufficient or should I upgrade anything?

any other suggestions on desktops to look at? I like the mac due to the lack of virus threats. I don't even use my computer for iffy things, like porn and dl'ing stuff and I always have problems with my pc running slow and when I run my antivirus software and have to clear out lots of viruses.

any thoughts would be appreciated.

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Nov 3, 2007
How about a tablet pc. I've always liked them but haven't been able to afford one. You can write directly on the screen as if it were a notebook. Which is great for sketching out new ideas. Check it out, tosiba has a nice one: 4294967002+4294966817


Bronze Contributor
Oct 5, 2007
Mendoza, Argentina
It should be more than enough, maybe you could upgrade to 2gb RAM but its not mandatory...


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Aug 29, 2007
I have had experience with Dell, HP and IBM (Lenovo). Throughout my time in corporate america, I used a laptop by each of these manufacturers, for at least a year.

My finding was that the IBMs (Lenovo) were far superior to the other two. I say this based on overall feel of the pc (comfort) and durability (number of times it broke down on me. performance, etc.).

When I started working for myself, I went through the evaluation process, as to which laptop I should buy. Although I really wanted the IBM, I ended up going with HP, due to price. About 2.5 months later, the HP was returned (unbelievable issues and horrendous support) and I bought the IBM (Lenovo), which I had originally wanted.

Every IBM I (or other family) have ever owned has been a soldier. They run until it is time to replace (outdated). Support is based in the U.S. and the people seem knowledgable.

Disclaimer: I worked for IBM for 5+ years; however, I worked in the software/consulting division and am no longer a shareholder :)

I have never used a MAC, although I hear good things from friends who operate on them.


Bronze Contributor
Oct 5, 2007
Mendoza, Argentina
I had a Toshiba laptop wich really let me down. The LCD broke after 1 year of use and every 2 months I had to open the whole laptop in order to clean the fans wich were poorly designed and became clogged with dust....Toshiba, never again!


New Contributor
Sep 1, 2007
Just purchased a Macbook Pro 15.4". The leopard OS is amazing.

It is just taking me forever to get used to it..

Other than that, everything is just soo easy to use. Didn't need to install my router, printer, or camera software. It just works.

Get the iMac.


New Contributor
Nov 6, 2007
Chicago, Il
Thanks for the comments guys,

The more I look into it, the more I'm leaning towards getting the mac. Although I'm not looking to buy until mid January, I'm going to head out to a computer store and take a closer look at one tomorrow. I had a dell dimensions 4500 desktop that lasted about three years until it finally crashed. It wont even boot up anymore. Throughout those three years though, I did have lots of problems with it running slow and freezing up a lot. I am now using a toshiba laptop that isn't much better. Sometimes when I go to open mail the first time it will freeze up and I'll have to ctrl/alt/del and re open the browser. real head ache. the thing is, I have the proper security programs and I don't go on high risk sites or dl risky stuff so this shouldn't be happening. So the mac seems like it would be worth it if only to rid myself of these problems. Also I'm hearing lots of talk about how bad vista is and how great leopard is.

I've been thinking about which model of the iMac to get. I've always believed that its better to spend a little more upfront and get the better model the first time around. I hear that macs last a long time without many problems with viruses and such. Since I plan to spend A LOT of time on the computer once I get my site launched as well as use it for other things dealing with my property management, etc.., would I be better off just getting the $2300 iMac with 2.8ghz, 2gb memory, 500gb hard drive and 24" monitor? I know its a lot but I think it would be money well spend for a solid machine that is going to last a long time and not have to worry about upgrading later on due to a lack of power or memory. I would rather spend that money now and have the computer for, say, five years as opposed to buying two 1200 dollar pc's in that time. any thoughts on that???

thanks again.


New Contributor
Aug 12, 2007
I agree with purchasing a "future proof" computer. my only gripe is that macs are overly expensive for what they are. I'm typing this on a 3.0ghz dual core, quad core capable motherboard, 2 gb of ram, 500gb hd and 22" display that i threw together for <$800.

you may want to compare the more expensive mac to the one you were looking at earlier to see just how much extra performance you are getting for the extra money and whether or not its worth it.

Diane Kennedy

Bronze Contributor
Aug 31, 2007
Mac fans tend to be fanatical. Count me as one of those!

JScott had a great post somewhere about who should buy a Mac and who should buy a PC. Considering he works for Microsoft, it was pretty objective.

I'll paraphrase - If you are a computer beginner or like things easy - get a Mac. if you're into something creative (music, video editing) - get a Mac. Otherwise, for most of the world - get a PC.

Adam Cerantivu

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May 10, 2015
Sydney NSW Australia
Considering to go from IBM-Windows to an Apple Macintosh desktop. Never purchased a Mac desktop or laptop before. Saw one at an Australian retailer called 'iMac 21.5" 2.7 GHz 8GB-RAM 1TB-HD' for about AUD-$1439 (= USD-$1113; GBP-715)

[1] After purchase of the desktop unit are there other additional basic software that I have to buy and how much will that cost on-top of the purchase price..?

[2] Does it come with a tower or everything is embedded in the back of the screen..?

[3] Does Apple sell a general day-to-day use desktop model that comes with a tower..?

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New Contributor
May 4, 2015
New Orleans
Thread is 8 years old.
I used windows at work and when I was younger. Always had issues with windows not working properly. Around 2007 I bought a MacBook and never looked back. Couldn't be happier with apple computers. Love the reliability without the hassle. I recently purchased the iMac 21.5" with 8GB-RAM and 1TB-HDD a couple months ago.

To answer your questions:

1. It comes with all the basic software you will need. Pages,Numbers,Keynote,etc...
However, if you need some other software for business or personal use then check and see if a Mac version is available before you
get the computer. (I believe BestBuy is still giving out free Microsoft Office copies when you purchase this computer.)

2. Its an all in one desktop (everything is embedded in the back of the screen). Just a screen, keyboard, and mouse come in the box.

3. Apple does have a tower for professional users. However it would probably be very overkill. And its very expensive.

I suggest you check out, they have all the info you need on there website. Good luck with your new computer.

James Thornton

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Oct 31, 2014
I do some very cpu intensive 2d & 3d graphics (compared to average computer work) on a MacBook Pro. And heavy 2d on a Surface Pro. Given that they are little powerhouses now, I don't see why anyone would buy a desktop machine unless they need insane power (that an iMac can't muster anyway, which has same guts as MBPro)

Portability = productivity

And when you're at the desk, plug in a big monitor. Viola

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