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  • Hi there! ...I'm not out in Vegas yet--been in a never-ending holding pattern waiting for a close date for about 5 weeks now! Arg! Hope all is well with you and that you guys are rockin' and rollin' down in Jacksonville! :)
    Hi, My name is Faina and I'm new in this forum. I've been advised by adviv that you're an expert in Jacksonville RE investments. I am from Canada but interested to invest there, I figured out that in order to do it successfully I will need a local partner. I wonder if you would be interested to discuss some partnership? Or give me an insight how to find a knowledgeable partner in this area?
    Oh, thanks, Kimber! So nice of you to offer.
    I would rather have a bound copy (and support your work effort) so I will be purchasing it online. :)
    Very generous though - much appreciated.

    You know,
    if you want a freebie copy of Breach Of Trust in ebook (PDF),
    send me your email addie
    and I'll send it to you
    (as a thank you for your great insights here).

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