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Jan 6, 2016
So I think it's about time I do one of these properly. (No confusing polls this time.)

What I do?

Help people's businesses... Right now this is mostly just building websites. But, I am offering to do work in related domains (SEO, ads, social media, etc) should someone desire it. I think of it as an ethical upsell as these services have a lot of added benefit.

How I got started?

I worked quite a few different jobs right after high school. Walked away from all of them for similar reasons, although some were more tolerable than others. I decided it made the most sense financially to stick it out with the family business. (No, not the mafia, we are interior painters.) This would allow me no personal debt, decent pay and cheap expenses. I would also have more time and less distractions to pursue my entrepreneurial endeavors.

The initial thought for what my current entrepreneurial endeavor was a digital agency that helped businesses get quality leads/customers (How original, am I right?) Ultimately, I was trying to find a service that would have a good margin and make clients happy. I got started with my personal network and people in the surrounding towns I live by. It didn't happen instantly, but I was able to land three clients with many more people that had some level of interest. I decided that starting with these 3 clients was more than enough on my plate though. One client in particular will likely want numerous websites.

Current Struggles Problems
  • I have to do things I don't always completely know how to do.
  • I ask for help occasionally if I am absolutely stuck, but free/volunteer support can take time and sometimes be futile.
  • I have been getting asked for "extra" work that wasn't discussed originally. (I don't mind doing this now, I will bill accordingly/fairly, but I don't want future clients to dictate the services I provide. Especially if the customer communication has been delegated. I suppose this is where having a system in place will be required.)

Questions & Thoughts I Ponder
  • Is it better to create/document systems sooner or later once one has more experience working with clients?
  • What would be a fair starting price when first hiring a fairly talented web designer/developer for contract based work?
  • Is this the right move now?
  • Is it wrong to sell services that I do not yet possess the skillset for?
  • Should I take modafinil?
Projected Next Steps
  • Complete all current projects
  • Make/document processes as to how I go about fulfilling these projects (this will likely need to be revisited and revised.)
  • Start seeking competent contract based design/developers
  • Start selling again (I have the itch to do more of this, but I feel I'm already beyond my capacity)
  • Recruit contract based workers one at a time as seen fit with the possibility of full time employment

How often will I update this?

I feel like I will just feel this one out for now. I don't believe I am struggling with accountability or anything. But, should I feel inclined to make routine posts in the future, I may do just that.

A Final Thought

To me, this forum has many people that I consider mentors. We may never have communicated. You may even dislike me from some post I made. But, I want to thank you for sharing your thoughts on matters that people like me may not ever hear otherwise. :praise:

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