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Mar 22, 2014
By the way, if you ever want to chat, my first business was running Twitter accounts and selling products through there. Grew from 0 to 700.000 followers in two years, sold the business afterward.

One of the people I was mentoring back then is consistently doing 8 figures annually now.

If you want to jam a few ideas just send me a DM.
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Jan 3, 2019
Hi friends.

How is everything? Speeding down the fast lane?

Long time without going in here, I am absolutely focused on growth.

For a few weeks I have been repeating the mantra to go to bed every day a little stronger, smarter and richer than I have ever woken up.

  • Stronger: Rest, food and sport. I've never been so fit.
  • Smarter: Read, read, read and write, daily. I've been reading a lot for years. Without a doubt, reading and writing daily has been what has changed my life the most (along with eating well and lifting weights - daily).
  • Richer: That's what this forum is about, right? Let's go to what interests.


Keep growing.

Every week I receive messages from people interested in being my affiliates.

I already have about 60 affiliates to whom I give a higher than average commission, which makes it a win-win. Remember, being a digital product the cost of replication is ZERO.

I have improved and expanded the product, including more versions.

My advice and what I will continue to do: Build, build and build.

The cost is so low and the prize is so great that you have to play this game continuously. Test, test and test. Launch demos, prototypes, etc.

  • How much does a social media account cost? ZERO
  • Which is the prize? FREEDOM

In parallel, two new opportunities have emerged:


As you may recall, I had to leave an investment fund because it was small and my salary was tiny. The detail is in the first posts of this thread.

I suffered like never before. But I left the job properly, politely. Despite many friends telling me to take them to trial, it never crossed my mind.

Life takes many turns and it is always better to make friends than enemies.

Well, the private banker who has the money has told me that he wants me to manage the fund alone. My investment theses have been the best in this time.

I will not make the mistake of 4 years ago. I will not leave my current business, I will not leave everything for the fund. I will bill them a commission every month. Having total freedom in time and place of my work.

We are currently processing the change of management company. I hope that in a few months we can start.

It is a very scalable business. We started with about 6M USD, my partner has quite a few contacts with money. We will charge an annual fee on the amount and a success fee on earnings. With 6M you make money, but the idea is to soon reach 20-40M where the gains are exponential.


As you know, I am a freelance consultant.

I like the work, and I have total freedom, I work where and when I want.
But it is true that I charge by hour. It is not scalable.

Together with the CIO of the company I have sought to update the basic software tool of the company, and create a product of it, to be able to sell it outside the company.

The CIO has approved it and so has the CFO. They have even commented to create a parallel company.
And I am the one who will lead this project.

Sometimes we look for opportunities far from us and from our area of knowledge. Opportunities are everywhere and if you are in a company, by size, capital, possibilities, ... it will be where there are more opportunities. Open your eyes.

This is again the leverage of the internet and computing:

You build once and you sell a million times.
There's scalability, big margins ... the internet and computing are the best fast lane to wealth.


A year ago my income was shit that I couldn't afford to live on and now I have 10 times more income. Total freedom and best of all, they are all scalable businesses, that if I do it well they can give 10 times or 100 times the benefits that they give me today.

I have never been so sure that I am going to be rich.

I'll finish with a quote that I love:

Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.

- Helen Keller


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Mar 13, 2021
thank you for sharing this. I was asking because I want to create some additional source of income similar to your. I have 4 years experience in excel and 1-year in Power BI. Unfortunately, I see tons of great courses available even for free. It could be hard to sell anything new in that niche.
Wojnar don't scrap your idea, just do it better. Provided there is a need.

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