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Jul 14, 2019
I'm sitting naked while I type this. I just woke up after a night of drinking, eating and socializing with my girlfriend. It's an exceptional situation because I'm almost never awake before her. What to do? I could wake her from her well-deserved sleep so we could enjoy time together, nope, that's selfish of me and sleep is more beneficial to her right now. I'll let her sleep. I could go back to sleep, nope, tried that, what to do, what to do... It's early and I could go to the park to get my exercise done, nope, not yet I'm still feeling the effects of the ( rarely consumed to the point of intoxication ) alcohol, I'd better hydrate!! Cool good start, but what to do while hydrating? I know I'll FILL my time delivering something of value, to others rather than KILL time watching Netflix!!

Now we're getting somewhere. The idea for this post is coming from this real-life process unfolding as I type. I could have also INVESTED it in sourcing suppliers for some of my inventions ( that's "product improvements" to most of you ), but not me I'm an inventor, so I frame and identify everything in reference to that. It's another form of investment, investing in your identity, especially when the slow lane majority haven't invested into your vision yet it's critical to staying on mission when the crabs try to pull you back down into the slow lane bucket.

So while hydrating ( investing in my health and recovery ) I'm filling my time delivering value ( hopefully ) to others and simultaneously investing in this community and my own inventor frames AND moving toward a win on a Sunday at 7:01 a.m.

IFF she wakes up soon, great I win by filling my time investing it with someone worthy of said irreplaceable treasure. If she sleeps for two more hours, I still win because by then I'll be hydrated and awake enough to invest in my health and fitness in the park before she wakes. If on the other hand, I DON'T feel up to exercising and feel tired, I can go back to sleep and invest in my psychological health and later cognitive performance by getting sufficient sleep.

Let me be clear here, I kill time ( Usually NetFlix ) when I should fill it ( often with NetFlix on in the background ) and I divest time ( working for an hourly wage as a teacher ) when I should invest it in my fast lane. It's not about being perfect, it's about Kaizen ( continuous improvement ) of your process in service of your end goal/s.

If I can't sleep, she doesn't wake up, I'm not hydrated, or well-rested enough yet to exercise, not a problem I can finish my 3D model for that image I need to send to a manufacturer for a die estimate. No matter what the F*ck I do I win AS LONG AS:

I FILL my time rather than KILL it and INVEST my time rather than DIVEST it.

tim b. green

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