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EXECUTION Execution thread

André Casal

Jun 1, 2018
Hey guys,

I'd like to share (and keep sharing) progress, struggles and the solutions I found. I'll keep things short and to the point.

My current goal is to create (some free, some paid) online courses around web development on YouTube.
Here's the plan:
  1. Took a full course on how to create YouTube videos ✔
  2. Created a minimal branding guide ✔
  3. Setup my YouTube channel ✔
  4. Create a VS Code course
    1. Introductory video (at the end of the course)
    2. Interface ✔
    3. Settings
    4. Create a playlist for every (500+) setting ✔
    5. Window States
    6. Workspaces
    7. Theming
    8. Autocompletion
    9. Snippets
    10. Emmet
    11. IntelliSense
    12. Code Editing
    13. Formating
    14. Linting
    15. Transpilation
    16. Code Running
    17. Debugging
    18. Extensions
  5. Create an HTML course
  6. Create a CSS course
  7. Evaluate if SCSS is still worth it and if so, create a course on it
  8. Create a course on JS
  9. Create a course on TS
Solved challenges:
  • Maintenance, working out, grocery shopping, keeping things clean and working. Solved it with an efficient daily routine. ✔
  • Internal conflicts that were making me emotionally unstable. Solved it with a cognitive coach. ✔
  • Incoherent and confusing plan. Solved it by clarifying decision criteria to eliminate competing priorities from my, now linear, plan. ✔
  • Productivity/efficiency. Solved it by implementing a modified version of GTD with "Inbox", "Waiting for", linear plan and daily routine ✔
Current main challenge: Motivation.
Comes in spurts: some days I work for 11 hours, most days I work for 1 or 2 hours, some days I don't work at all. I would rather be consistent.

Things I've learned:
  • Beating yourself up doesn't work.
  • Motivational videos don't work.
  • Accountability works to some degree.
  • Coffee works to some degree.
  • Bad habits have a problem: the reward is immediate but the cost comes in the future.
  • Good habits have a problem: the cost is immediate but the reward is in the future.
I haven't found a clear pattern or solution yet.

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