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WEB/DIGITAL Domain Names Business Queries


Mar 5, 2008
Hey guys

This is my first post.I m Sam from the UK, i got myself into a debt of £35000. For the last two years I have paid a lot and currently i m left with £15000. I have come to join this board bcoz i think this board is the only board aimed at people who really want to make a change in the lifes.

Recently I have fallen head over heals with the concept of buying, selling, renting domains, even though I understand its very difficult to find any easy ones these days especially in TLD. So far I have not purchased any domains as I m still trying to work out few doubts, and I was wondering if you guys can help me understand few technical points:

1. What can i study to understand the concept of buying and selling domains?
2. Do I need to learn how to set up a website as well?
3. Do I need to learn FTP, to understand how to upload info on website?
4. While buying domain names, what security should i look out for?
5. For how long should I buy the domain for?
6. Where and how do you sell the domains?
7. Do I need to get my domain hosted before I could park them?

I will really appreciate any help or advice you guys offer.

many thanks



Bronze Contributor
Oct 5, 2007
Mendoza, Argentina
Congrats on paying that debt and taking a step to change your life!

I recommend you search the forums as all this has been talked in several threads that could be of real use in your quest.

Best wishes and welcome!

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