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O/T: FUNNY Does a Lamborghini get good gas mileage? Trying to save money on gas.

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Jan 26, 2016
Fort Worth, Texas
Hi. Can someone tell me the gas mileage on a Lamborghini I don't want to spend too much money on gas. Also what company insures it the cheapest? And should I get liability or full coverage?

I'm also worried about leaving it too out in the sun too long. The apartments where I live don't have a any trees for shade. So I don't know if the paint will start fading or what not.

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Feb 9, 2012
Lamborghinis get excellent mileage. They're renouned for being among the most fuel efficient cars on the road today. You will rarely have to fill her up. I believe some of the later models (post 1967) can even run on bio diesel so if you have a fish and chip shop nearby you'll be ok, just back her up and pour the used cooking oil (or any organic compound such as fruit, leaves, small twigs, snow, small sandy stones, urine or small animals...etc) straight into the filler and there's a tiny internal conversion plant (CP's are usually embedded into the exhaust system for thermal efficieny reasons) that will turn any organics into the equivalent of high octane racing fuel. Don't worry about sorting recyclables though as the filler has a sensor inside that can sense if you're putting in normal petroleum, gasoline or organics and sends them to the CP or straight into the normal gas tank.

I wouldn't worry about insurance though because nothing will happen to it but if you really want to be sure you can get coverage from most companies. Lamborghinis are really really cheap to insure so that won't be much of an issue either. I'd estimate maybe $100 a year (shop around!) but your savings on fuel will more than make up for it.

The paint on all Lamborghinis has a special coating on it specifically designed to be left out in the sun because they know that's where most owners leave them.I believe they might also repel leaves, snow, bird shit...etc. I'll have to do a quick fact check but I believe they also have a diamond hard crystalline structure to it that repeals scratches, keying...etc

All in all an excellent choice for a highly versatile motor vehicle (especially if you fit a heavy duty towbar) and you're going to get a lot of really good free sex as well because...well, Lamborghinis at a fruit market...I mean c'mon. Feel me?
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