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Connecting DJ's to Venues

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May 22, 2019
Hey all,

I have been Djing for around 4 months as a hobby, never really thought of going and Djing at clubs. I did however talk to a friend of mine who is struggling to become a DJ in venues etc... So then a small idea popped into my head.

Do you guys think there is much profit in starting a DJ Promotion company in Australia(after covid-19 slows down)?
Few general points:
- To give upcoming newer djs a chance to become a little larger
- Maybe the way of making money is by taking some commission off what the djs are being paid as most of the DJs do not have the funds to afford promotion services
- I have a fair few contacts in the current city I live in with the larger club owners

Anyway, just a small idea.
What do you guys think?


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Aug 28, 2014
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You're trying to solve a problem for other people, so try it.

On the other hand it's already clear what your challenge will be: there's a lot more DJ's than clubs.


Jan 19, 2016
It depends on many things.. I've been in the sector and have helped kids play at venues but the thing is:
1) what kind of contact do you have with the venue?
2) HOW MANY venues are there in the area?
3) Considering the experience level no one will call your DJs from other parts of the country so can you supply your local venues(Is there even a demand?)?
4) The big problem is that no names usually get employed so than the venues have less expenses overtime and every once in a while they'll bring someone GOOD/FAMOUS.
5) I never got paid for connecting small djs(who get paid nothing..) with venues, unless you want your kid to split the money he will get to cover expenses...

This is all assuming you'll be helping kids who are unknown and upcoming, what you could actually do if you have good contacts in the venues is to manage famous and good DJs than I could see a big demand.

Small advice for your friend is to do it for free if he thinks he has the skills and play music at small festivals, where I live there's plenty of those and they're always looking for people to fill hours.

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