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INTRO Certified LOSER living on mum's couch!! Gaming Addict looking to turn things around!

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Aug 25, 2018
Athens, Greece
You know the story about Greek generals burning their ships behind them after landing on enemy shores right? The way back is no option. Victory or death.

That's the strategy you gotta take. I've been there.
@Cognitive Corgi :
As quoted above, burn the boats.

And as @TheOrchestrator suggested, change your environment, it helps tremendously.
I'm still a beginner on this path and I certainly feel you, since I still get stuck on acting as well.
I guess it's a different reason for everyone, the fear that produces resistance to acting, to getting out
there, to fail gloriously and grow in the process.
But one thing that is universal (I think) is that our brain is a pattern processing/matching machine. And it is a damn good one. Your environment is a pattern, and your behavior/feelings/impulses/thoughts are heavily anchored to it.

If it helps you, what I did when I finished my studies and returned to my old room was immediately change the layout. And it doesn't have to be expensive. Re-arrange the furniture, hang some posters, paint the room even. Clean it up and throw away everything that you don't need. The place you spend most of your time is inherently, a reflection of your own psyche. Whether this, or any of the other valuable suggestions posted here is best for you, only you can know. Trying them is a form of acting in itself.

I'll stop ranting, this thread got me fired up :)
Welcome abroad !

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Feb 8, 2018
Houston, TX
What I'd also suggest for most people who have suffered from game addiction is to also check if you naturally have addictive tendencies, which could suggest the need for some sort of intervention, such as counseling. Otherwise, you'll just find another unproductive thing to latch onto and find yourself wasting away even more years. This is the reason why professionals exist, so don't take the power of outside intervention for granted. For example, if you find yourself bouncing from one addiction to another, it could be because you have ADHD, like I do, and produce less dopamine than the rest of the population, which makes you a natural born thrill seeker. This can be a crippling condition in modern (distraction-heavy) society if you never learn how to get it under control, but it can also work great if you can leverage it properly. Tons of freelancers and entrepreneurs have ADHD, and it keeps them from being able to handle a normal employee/employer work environment, while allowing them to thrive in environments that are more free and under their control. Heck, I wouldn't be surprised if more than half of the really successful members here have it, lol. It tends to be quite common with entrepreneurs, according to all of the research.

So, if you're struggling with kicking a dangerous habit, it doesn't have to be substance-abuse in order for you to consider outside help...


Sep 23, 2018
For example, if you find yourself bouncing from one addiction to another, it could be because you have ADHD, like I do, and produce less dopamine than the rest of the population, which makes you a natural born thrill seeker.
I think I may have that lol. I jave also struggled with wasting waayyy to much time on silly video games. Is probably the biggest time waster for young people (also social media and aimless websurfing)


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Jan 27, 2016
Lyon, France
I'm almost 26. No major accomplishments in life. .

what do you mean by accomplishment ?

accomplishment is not just material things and money

jump out of the capitalism and society mindset for a second

and see the big picture

i know this is hard because american people are brainwashed about material things

like russians people were brainwashed with communism

get altitude for a moment and look at things with a higher point of view




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Aug 30, 2018
Sacramento, ca
Where in California are you located?

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