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Sep 27, 2018
I was wondering if people with money handle and run their finances differently:

If people could say how they handle the follow bills/expenses and we can see if there is a trend.

We will assume we all have a business account for business use, This is based on Personal Finance

( below options can be added to if your circumstances differ )

I have tried to keep questions generic and not personal

1) Property = Buy or Rent
2) Payment of Property = Mortgage Free, Regular Monthly Payment, Over Pay Each Month,
3) Utility/Mobile/Internet Etc = Monthly, Pay for the Whole Term Upfront, Quarterly
4) Salary/Income Payment = Minimal Amount Leave Rest in Business, Paid by Employer, Transfer Everything Left Over, Transfer All minus Taxes, Transfer a Set amount to live on
5) Do you have at least 1 rental property
6) Food Shopping/Entertainment = Cash, Credit Card, Debit Card, Store Card
7) Do you use discount codes?
8) Do you have a set % you transfer to a bills/shopping account from income ( if so what % )
9) If you earn more money each month do you spend a % of income or % of increase in profit
10) Do you invest in the stock market
11) Do you have a rainy day account ( if soo how many months are covered? )
12) Your Car = Lease, Own Outright, Credit Card, Loan

My Answers:
1) Rent
2) Monthly Payment
3) Pay on Receipt of Bill
4) Transfer a set amount to live on
5) yes
6) Credit Card which we clear at the end of the month
7) Yes ( but put a 5 minute search limit )
8) Yes - currently approx 30%
9) Increase % of extra profit -
10 ) No
11) Yes - 15 months at present
12) Own Outright

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