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New Contributor
Aug 31, 2019
I’m getting decision fatigue and so I need to make a decision and get to work, I’ve explained my dilemma and thought process below:

Hey Guys,

I have a few problems and I’ve kept it as concise as possible:

Firstly, my situation in life for context:

I’ve got a stress free remote FT job that really takes 20 hours rather than 40. I have time but not a lot of capital. I have 3k to start outside of my emergency fund investments etc.. I can take this to 5-10k but is there a need? More capital is always better but I’m aware if you know what you're doing, 3k is enough. Anyways, this is the least of my issues and capital is not a problem. I’ve got access to 20k at ANY time.

Now to my problems:

  1. Currently, I have no skills and so have determined I need to gain 2 skills to a high enough level ( google ads and facebook ads ) I also intend to understand email marketing and CRO enough to be able to start the business. Okay so using my brain I need a job to gain me these skills the question is..
  2. Do I work for someone who runs a successful e-commerce business and use that as a template to launch my own store? OR do I work for an e-ecommerce agency and master a skill then use this skill and my understanding of the other pieces and launch my business.
  3. Also, do I offer a trial to work for free or not?

I have a good enough idea on how to get the job, it;s choosing the right job to get the right skills to launch it.

Quick side note: Yes, I can learn this all myself and the time is there but is that good strategy? Maybe I’ve over thought it or actually thought about it on a deep level.. I have no idea.

Be critical, harsh and provide whatever advice you feel is appropriate.

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