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Branding related question (2 services, 1 company)

Discussion in 'Advertising, Marketing, Social Media' started by jb5150, Aug 14, 2018.

  1. jb5150

    jb5150 Contributor

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    Jun 18, 2016
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    I'll cut to the chase:

    I am a psychotherapist with 2 niches: 1) relationships (individual & couple) - those feeling "stuck" in their relationships, or those who are single recognizing they keep making the same mistakes and want change.

    2) Car accident related trauma - with this 'nozzle' my focus is those suffering from car accident related distress. This is a far more lucrative niche as where I live the insurance provider is government owned and pays for client counselling.

    The problem is advertising/branding-wise I am not sure whether to treat the two 'nozzles' or niches as separate entities OR have them under one brand.

    If you care to see how I currently have it structured go to my site www.lighthousecounselling.ca. I have also registered www.mvatraumatherapy.com which will park to the www.lighthousecounselling.ca/icbc subpage.

    I plan to build a strong social media presence with my own short VLOGs, BLOGs and such so people have a familiarity of who I am, and what I offer. That said my branding will largely dictate how I approach this.

    How I conceptualize the social media end is that Facebook, Twitter, Google+,& IG will emphasize mostly general issues surrounding relationship, anxiety, and depression. This is because most people who have been in car accidents fail to recognize they're suffering from emotional trauma. If I have a FB page that it car accident trauma centric, they will likely pass by the content. What I can do is intersperse occasional content stating "Did you know if you are in a car accident you're entitled to free counselling? Contact (xxx)xxx-xxxx for your free consultation" sort of thing.

    LinkedIn I believe the niche will be other professionals such as doctors, lawyers, massage therapists - anyone who may come into contact with those suffering from car accident related injuries and distress. So this will focus more on educating professionals on what to look for, how to discern psychological trauma.

    Anyway I am not sure whether to keep things under Lighthouse Counselling, OR to have Lighthouse Counselling and MVA Trauma Therapy as a separate entity. Yes, they are both under the umbrella of psychotherapeutic services, but they can also be as different as selling business suites and bananas (though Amazon does this just fine I m sure).

    If it helps here is an avatar of both types of clients:

    mid 20s - 50s
    insecure attachment patterns (often stemming from childhood) - trauma may exist
    somewhat to very informed having done research of their own
    often complain of feeling "stuck"
    male/female split
    generally working class (come to see me through work benefits)

    Car accident trauma:
    age range is pretty wide
    complain of vague symptoms associated w anxiety and/or depression
    relationships are often affected
    isolating behavior in most cases
    male/female split
    generally working class though lower paying jobs than relationship clients
    often times not working due to impact accident had on life
    family situation varies but often affects relationship with kids, partner etc

    Any thoughts, comments, or critiques are greatly appreciated. Please feel free to suggest any edits to my website too.

    Thank you.
    Last edited: Aug 14, 2018

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