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EXECUTION Best way to present my product

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New Contributor
Feb 13, 2019
Phoenix Arizona
Wondering if the more experienced Fastlaners can help a fellow hopefully future Fastlaner.

I just received my samples from the tooling I made. It's a knife that comes with a removable thumb part. (( if you want to see exactly what it is) I want the knife to come in 3 different sizes (obviously the better fit it has the more comfortable it will be) The tooling I paid for, is the medium size.

the QUESTION IS, should I just start by selling only the medium size? And see how the people respond to the product in general? Does it sell?
OR, do I make at least one more size (cost $3,200.00) which will be the better fit for most of my potential customers (product responds better in the female crowd) So at least I have 2 sizes.

IMPORTANT to know, that this product didn't do well on the Kickstarter platform, and I continued to pursue it anyways for 2 reasons. Firstly, even though it's not great news that it didn't get funded on Kickstarter, it's still doesn't mean that it can't do well online and retail, and I still believe (And others as well) that it's a good product that perhaps will not sell millions but it will sell.

So.... Less risk (Of loosing also $3,200) VS if I'm going for it at least give it your best shot

Sorry it's long but I wanted to give you the full story.


New Contributor
Feb 13, 2019
Phoenix Arizona
Get shifting what you already have at a market.

Watch and listen. Then read the breakdown this person (guess he is a Copywriter) has done of what is going on then watch and listen again and apply to your product.


Thank you,

Really good stuff to know. But my main question was if I should introduce the product in more then 1 size. I'm leaning more towards doing it cuz I expect my strongest customers to be female and therefore smaller hands. But Something I learned for sure from the video, Let them know about the benefits of my product in a way they can relate.

Thanks again

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