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starting a business

  1. RicardoGrande

    Surprisingly simple stupid businesses- that somehow work

    Like any good TFF member, I spend any possible downtime listening to talks with founders. I like hearing about people getting off the ground and getting started, and how quickly (or not) they were able to take off. A big, painful recurring theme is that there seem to be a lot of what I call...
  2. szalek

    Starting at young age

    Hi there. I'm 16 yo. I've been on my self-development/improvement journey for a year. I had red fastlane now i'm reading unscripted. I have mastered skills such as: web design on cms, fb ads, video editing, php programming. I want to gain more experience because I don't know much yet. What can...
  3. G

    How are you supposed to start a business before you have any marketable skills

    I’m 14 and I have summer break right now. I want to dedicate this summer break to entrepreneurship and developing myself. I have though about learning coding and also about starting a YouTube channel (as you may see in my other posts). I know I am just 14 but I want to try to in some way take...
  4. circleme

    Starting a business with siblings?

    I'm currently starting my first fastlane adventure and I am going back to my roots as a software developer for that. My general goal is to solve business problems with software solutions (Micro SaaS to be clear). Now to my main question: My older brother has founded a consulting business in his...
  5. N

    In 2023, it still makes sense to work in Affiliate Marketing?

    Hello everybody. This is my first post. So I'll make a brief presentation before going to the question above. I worked for 4 years as a Journalist while making landing pages translations for an Affiliate Marketing Agency. Then I started working as an account manager in the abovementioned...
  6. ivailopanamski

    Advice needed: Dive in the real world or stay with my parents.

    Hello, guys. I'm a 20 years old, still living in my parents apartment. I desperately want to move out, because it doesn't feel right to live with them anymore. Currently I work a 4 hour job, so that I have more time to work on my business (from which I still haven't earned a cent) and have time...
  7. D

    Beginning is the hardest isn't it?

    So guys as you have read in the title, im starting with my business.Finally after months of faking and thinking and instead of doing only one thing I have learned that I need to accomodate other activities in my life too. Its just that I don't know how to set up a shop. Do need a site? what...
  8. M

    How do I manage revenue from my business?

    I still very new to business and entrepreneurship. So when I get my business started, how do I manage my revenue in terms of banking and taxs should I open a business account? or can revenue come to my personal account for the time being. I Live in Canada. So if any other entrepreneurs live...
  9. Ronozoro

    My Idea for a start up, would really love your thoughts on it , be it negative too

    I am thinking of starting up a business where i grow vegetables indoor vertically hydroponically and give out monthly subs of about 15$ in my city (its a big city, in asia ) that ll get them 400 grams of vegies every week delivered to their homes , it ll be fresh, chemical free and they ll know...
  10. L

    Investing money i saved last year

    Hi theare, I live in Poland and im 23. Last year i managed to save about 15k$. Im thinking about starting my own business, as i want to be independent and i want to work on myself, even if it will take 14hrs a day. I was thinking about woodworking (selling desks etc. online). I’ve got no...
  11. christianb

    Is it the right way⁉️

    Hi to all, here Christian 28 from Italy. First post, after reading both TMF and Unscripted. Brief introduction of mine: 1. Back in February i worked like a PT in a commercial gym: Good salary, my passion and not so much work (from 5 to 7 hours/day). Every day in the free time studied...
  12. LifeisSuffering


    HELLO EVERY ONE i got an important topic to talk about but before i start please forgive my grammar mistakes, I am from Algeria i have 20 years old and i'm preparing to start my business, an EURL type with a CEO, 4 VP ( maybe more in the futur) each one have 2-3 mangers First years of the...
  13. Hugo Del Portel

    I started a week ago

    Hello everyone, I started my journey as an entrepreneur a week ago. Well, it took for me an official first step a week ago. I don't really know what I'll be facing, or do I ? I mean, I may have read TMF and UNSCRIPTED at least twice ... I think it's prety clear that the path will be full of...
  14. mastermind007

    Going Off-Road, Finally - Starting A Web Design Business

    So I finally decided to take a plunge into the unknown. I've been dreaming about this for the longest time now.. Since maybe 17 years old, I'm 24 now. Too much reading and no action. So I finally decided to sign up to the program: Fox Web School I have a full-time job at the moment (web...
  15. A

    For those struggling to get started

    I'd like to share this article with you. One of the main causes because many people struggle to get started (execution) is because they are not fully aware of what they want to achieve, nor of their major motivations. Most of the time the main goal is becoming a millionaire, as it sounds like a...
  16. D

    Execution: Building a Novelty toy business

    Hey Guys, I'm new the forum, I've recently started a new Novelty toy product business. Being honest, it's a business I do not think will take me to the Fastlane, but I've been using it as a vehicle to reduce my fear factor and start learning through doing. Essentially I love coming up with fun...
  17. D

    Time to stop lurking on the forum and introduce myself!

    Hey everyone, I'm David, 27 from London. I've always had a deep desire to start my own business but after reading the MLF it really gave me the kick up the a$$ I needed (thanks @MJ DeMarco !) . I've been lurking on the forums for a while but I thought it was time to get stuck in, so hi! I've...
  18. C

    Cargo Delivery (Service Business)

    So I have been on this forum for almost a year now, read the books and have been doing my fair share of action faking, but really decided to get started even if I might fail. At this point it is almost about just executing on any reasonable idea just to break through the paralysis of not getting...
  19. Pablo La Torre

    Pathways to becoming an Architect & Developer

    My name is Pablo La Torre, and I have recently graduated from a BSc in Architecture. During my undergraduate studies I have always been interested in Real Estate development because it allows me as an architect to be more in control over a building project; its design, usage, and the profit I...
  20. Devampre

    I Don't Know What I'm Doing: Time to Get Certain and Start A Business

    A Little Background: For those that don't really know me (which is pretty much everyone :rofl:) I am a painter for my mom's business and living in rural Saskatchewan, Canada. Life sucks. Not because I have it the worst, but because I didn't make conscious decisions to build the life I really...