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New Contributor
Jan 14, 2019
"I do not condemn a man for having a job. I chastise him for believing that this is all he is worth. I call him out for his unwillingness to examine his interiority and discover that he is a Prince of the earthly kingdom." - Kapil Gupta MD

I've read a lot of passages like that over the past few years, and although the words always inspire me to seek change, I am still stuck living the life of a wage slave. After college, I entered the "real world" starry-eyed and ready to make my mark on the world. My first job was two-hours away from home. To get through the lengthy commute, and maintain my sanity in bumper to bumper traffic, I turned to audiobooks about two months into the role.

The first time I heard "The 4-Hour Work Week" by Tim Ferriss, I realized that everything I had been thinking and everything I had been doing, was wrong. All of the tests I studied for, resumes I sent out, the jobs I applied for, what was the point? I had sold my soul to be a corporate drone. I needed to figure a way out.

From that point on I spent countless hours reading books like the Millionaire Fastlane and Unscripted , I filled up over a dozen journals with my ideas, and I dreamt up all these different plans and schemes. But still, nothing has happened. I keep getting stuck. And I keep bouncing from job to job that I am not fully invested in because I haven't had the courage to venture out on my own.

But I refuse to give up. I refuse to conform and accept a life of mediocrity. I will not wait until I am 65 to enjoy the fruits of my labor and to enjoy the best things that life has to offer. I know that I have what it takes to become a successful entrepreneur, it's in my blood, it's in my DNA. My hero's journey awaits me, the kingship is mine for the taking, all I need is to take that first step and never look back.

I look forward to collaborating with everyone, and I am grateful that MJ has put together this forum for like-minded individuals to help each other unlock their full potential. Thank you for reading - JD
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Jul 20, 2012
Great! What actions are you taking today to get your business launched?


New Contributor
Jan 14, 2019
I want to spend the next few days going through the forum to help the creative juices flowing. I don't want to overthink things and waste any more time though. Once I have a rough idea of what I want to go after I just want to run with it and learn as I go.


Silver Contributor
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Jun 12, 2014
Love the intro title.

Messages: 1

Love that!
I even dig the avatar.

Here's what I'm seeing:
TL;DR - I'm committed to trying this. I've had a couple false starts, but I'm motivated.
Nice. What are your next steps?
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New Contributor
Jan 14, 2019
Thank you. I need to pick an idea without overthinking and just get after it. I will learn through the experience along the way.

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