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Autistic Tech Developers (Inventor vs Investor)

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Jun 16, 2017
Berlin City, Germany
Hey Everbody,

my Name is Bonny - i'am autistic Tech Developer from Berlin City in Germany ...

A lot of my Friends are "Special" too - born with skills, you never seen before (they're Prodigy's) ...

Right, autistic People never speak about her specials -
they dont care about social networking, public or all kinds of community's.

Their Life is to hide in dark cellers - living in her own world of Physics, Art, Mathematics and Technology Dev's .

This is a hughe Problem - potentially Innovations and technical Breaktroughts stay unidentified and will be loose if they took her knowledge into grave ...

So my intrest is to use this special autism skills to make extraordinary things possible and availble for commercial market .

Of Course , this is hard work - autism is'nt a joke and it need a lot of understanding to handle it right .

Now i configurate a Team of 3 Autistic's wich is working "together" (not really - i just coordinate the special skills and implement them into a single Project) and try to find a laboratory enviroment for these guy's.

To create disruptiv market-mod's , Rapid Prototyping is most important - also for the motivation of these guys.

The on actually existing physics based concept's, ideas and blueprints includes :

-Make 2D Graphene Layers 3D Printable
-Increase Photo-Voltaik Output up to 45 % (now 2-3%)
-Portable and haptic 3D Holographic Emitters
-Coherent Energy Emitters (not stupid LASER's)
-Plasm Repulsive Engine's (Marty McFly Board)
-Non Nuclear pocket Reactors (The end of Battery)
-Wireless Energy Transmission (No cheap Induction)
-Things, you cant imagine...

All these Technologies are definely possible by using validate physic effects - if you know how to combine completly different sciences and technology to create new kind of devices (look at microfluids, nano behavior of standart elements from periodic table or simple melt of metals with magnets...

So now, and this is the reason why i'am right here, i have to ask (as speaker of the collective) something :

What we can do -without financial- to get a laboratory ?
How we can make rapid prototyping without tools ?
Is there anybody outside, they are able to help building contact to someone, they support us with technical devices (3 D Printer or analogue tools) ?

If someone have useful ideas or networks - feel free to contact us !

Helpful Comments are always wellcome !

If you're critic or see'ing something suspicious -
Do not start a thread killing war (make a Sidekick)

We're serious as life !

Many Friendly Greets from Germany,


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Mar 11, 2016
Northwest Indiana
Welcome to the forum! Have you read the book that serves as the basis for the forum? It helps make sense of the forum and its membership.

Best wishes to you and your team!

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