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HOT TOPIC Are we living in an advanced simulation?

Raoul Duke

Per aspera ad astra
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Feb 26, 2016
I just hope we aren't powering a battery for some drunk a**hole, who burps all the time.

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Ayanle Farah

Bronze Contributor
Speedway Pass
Dec 13, 2016
The truth tends to always be neutral so whatever the truth of the universe ends up being won't impact me beyond the short term dopamine boost of satisfying my curiousity.

Ultimately it doesn't matter, what's important is creating the greatest amount of positive impact in my own life and others lives.

In the grand scheme of things we're all passerby's so it makes no sense imo to contemplate the universe and the meaning of it all.
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Jared Jammer

New Contributor
Sep 11, 2015
Nearly a decade ago I predicted that the simulation hypothesis would gain in mainstream popularity.

Why would I make this prediction? Because it was obvious to anyone paying attention who wasn't blinded by cognitive bias that evidence for design in the universe was powerful, and only growing stronger.

How do you explain such evidence? Ignoring the "it's an illusion" pseudo-explanation (the old position), there are only two possibilities: a deity, or some super-advanced "programmer" beyond our universe. Since a deity is unacceptable on ideological grounds for much of science and academia, it was obvious the latter would become the main stream position.

. . . and here we are.

Do I think we're living in an advanced simulation? I wouldn't phrase it exactly that way, no, but I find the design argument far more logically, rationally, and emotionally compelling than anything else I've heard, all of which boils down to the yawn-worthy "things just happen, and we got lucky."


Gold Contributor
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Jan 27, 2016
Lyon, France
I just hope we aren't powering a battery for some drunk a**hole, who burps all the time.

you are indeed a battery.

a battery for the masterminds above you

a quick reminder :


energy 2.png


the matrix movie was created by initiates in occult knowledge

the movie is a metaphor for our world

we work for the bankers who produce nothing but toilet paper and numbers on screens out of thin air

we are toys of politicians and secret societies. toys of gurus .

etc etc

the more the scam is big ,the more it will succeed. because people can't think this big.

they are not smart enough to uncover the scam

this is basic chinese strategy at work

stratagem number 1 : hide in the open

nobody here can escape the masterminds at the top of society because they have too much knowledge about human thinking and they are too smart ( most of them are rational INTJ with high IQ )

social engineering is too advanced for you guys




Platinum Contributor
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May 10, 2015
Islands of Calleja

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