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Any Suggestions?

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Mark G

Jan 21, 2018
Hi everyone,

I'm new to this Forum so I apologize if this post is out of context,
I just thought that someone might have some good suggestion.

Two months ago I was involved in a car accident that left me seriously injured (maybe for life).
Since then my unwillingness to accept the situation had made me fall into a depressive and negative state, also due to a lack of motivations and will.
I now though have commited myself to stop being a victim and still pursue my goal of becoming a life coach, despite the long process of recovery ahead of me.
I've been interested in psychology and personal development for quite some time now but withouth ever finding the audacity to really practise and master my skills on any of this fields.

Among many areas where I'm struggling, one that is particulary holding me back is the inability to encounter and connect with like minded people commited to overcome challanges and make something positive out of their life.

I was wondering if any of you can reccomend some blog, website or youtube channel that I can listen daily to learn from and improve my knowledge.

Here's some of the inspirationals figueres I've been following and interisting topic I've been studying.
Brendon Burchard (Personal Development)
Tom Bilyeu's Impact Theory (Mindset)
Eckhart Tolle (Spirituality)
Richard Bandler (NLP)
Gary V and Kerwin Rae (Business and Entrepenourship).

Can anybody suggest something more?

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