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Oct 11, 2013

Some of you may find this info useful-

My company does a ton of buying on we buy books that are shipped to a warehouse in NY and are then freighted into a Toronto warehouse for fulfillment.

A sales rep from the new Amazon Business program reached out to us to setup a business account with them. Understanding of the pro's are:

- Better reporting/tracking ability
- Enhanced reporting for unshipped orders
- Program for selling B2B to other businesses in the program

One of the great parts about the program is the purchasing API that's offered- traditionally, Amazon has not been kind to business buyers (particularly those shipping thru their Prime program), but they're now opening up to this market.

The API allows you to set tolerances etc and purchase items directly via the API to ship directly to the address for the order. This is a very powerful tool that would be a great asset to dropshippers/companies that are currently manually buying large volumes of goods via Amazon. I'm sure there's many ways to implement the API into different business models.

I asked the rep how they screen applications, and while he stated there is a brief screening process, most applications are approved. Took me 90 seconds to sign-up.

Program is currently offered in the US, and they're expanding to several EU/Asian markets as well. I'm told Canada will be in the next year.

Find more here: Amazon Business

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Mar 9, 2013
Toronto, ON
Funny how your company does the reverse flips, US to Canada, I do the opposite. I buy from Canada to sell in US and make money off of the currency exchange, would be curious to know more about your company.

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