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INTRO 0 to 300 thousand sales in less than 6 months, but at 4 months stabilized, what to do?

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Matheus Chaves

New Contributor
Sep 23, 2018
I developed a virtual market with my partner, where we had a growth never seen by ourselves. The idea was a virtual market where you can receive your product, whatever is in your home and up to 3:57 hours, without being charged for shipping. We activate referral programs, after-sales services, and provide daily content about the market in which we operate. We started with Xiaomi's product, from smartphones to bluetooth headsets. We had an exponential growth on Instagram where this month we had a total of 17k followers on Instagram. We outsource the paid traffic service for not working with our marketing team. However, marketing is ours, and it is one of our strengths. We serve a demand of more or less 8 sales per day with a profit of 200 reais for each device. It is me and my partner and 4 more employees. Currently, we do not know which idea or where to direct our efforts. We are a differential among the majority that sells what we sell. Among the different features is the guarantee that we give for 1 year, which is due to the partnership with the largest technical assistance in Latin America. In addition to after sales services. We have already distanced ourselves from the majority, but there is still a lot to explore and grow. However, when we really know what to do to get back to the exponential growth that we have always had. A suggestion, however small, will be very welcome. How to know to grow again? What book to read? I will place our Insta in addition to our website in case any good soul is inclined to help us in this.

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Silver Contributor
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Mar 22, 2014
Matheus, I saw your website, super cool what you guys do. And awesome to see another Brazilian here!

We need to know a bit more about what is happening. Why has growth halted?


Bronze Contributor
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Sep 4, 2020
Totally agree with @Tiago difficult to answer such a big question with so few details.
But I can imagine that now you're in a stage where you need more capital and some good connections. But difficult to know because I have no clue about your financials.

Any chance that this right now could be because of your inventory? That's often a problem, and it's pretty easy to solve. Otherwise, why not get as many reviews from costumers as possible, so you know what isn't great and improve that right now. Otherwise, I can only imagine that you could need an investor to get your business to the next stage which is connected to a lot of work.

But great work until now!

Matheus Chaves

New Contributor
Sep 23, 2018
Concordo totalmente com [USER = 22305] @Tiago [/ USER] difícil responder a uma pergunta tão grande com tão poucos detalhes.
Mas posso imaginar que agora você está em um estágio em que precisa de mais capital e algumas boas características. Mas é difícil saber porque não tenho ideia de suas finanças.

Alguma chance de que isso agora possa ser por causa de seu inventário? Isso costuma ser um problema e é muito fácil de resolver. Faça o contrário, por que não receber o máximo possível de avaliações dos clientes, para saber o que não está bom e melhorar agora mesmo. Pelo contrário, imagino que você preciso de um investidor para levar o seu negócio para a próxima fase que está ligada a muito trabalho.

Mas ótimo trabalho até agora!
Fale Kasimir! Muito grato por sua disposição em me dar seu feedback. Esse é realmente um grande desafio para hoje, extrair informações sobre os desejos e vontades de nossos clientes já que não é pelo que ele fala que é realmente o que ele almeja, o que o motiva a tomar decisões etc. Ainda estou em busca de campo estratégias de observação sobre meus clientes. Agora, eu estaria errado em olhar para outra estratégia, visando em vez de focar em nossos clientes atuais, procurando maneiras de capturar novos leads, um novo público?

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