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  1. A

    Would you use this and what services would you like to add?

    A platform where you can book vetted local, on the ground services in other countries to get things done without flying there or going through local agencies. Services include: Attending local trade show on your behalf Visiting factory/products Verifying a local business/property/documents...
  2. Aidan04

    Rate This Idea: The "Thing Library"

    I have a million ideas a day, my brain is consistently churning out things that could potentially be useful to others based on problems I face. I would like to share this one in particular with you all. Imagine you're going to go camping for the first time. Are you going to buy a tent on your...
  3. Yanezez

    Site Marketplace (Sends you to external store): Doable? examples? profitable?

    Hello all, I'm ping ponging an idea that I found while living in France (still am). I usually try to buy made in France products so I google 'sneakers made in France' , or 'wallets made in France' and most times one of the top 3 choices is a French site that lists and describes different...
  4. Vasudev Soni

    How I Got 25k+ Downloads in 4 Months for my Online Marketplace App

    Hi Fastlane Forum members I am excited to introduce my app, BechDe, to this community. BechDe is a user-friendly online marketplace for buying and selling second-hand items nearby. My app has been live for around 4 months and I have already garnered over 24,000 downloads. Currently, the app is...
  5. NielsA

    Start Your 6-Figure Cybersecurity Entrepreneurship Now...

    [REMOVED FOR SELF-PROMOTION, PAY FOR AN AD or post in the appropriate thread]
  6. Mattie

    Wal-mart Market Place Inquiry

    Anyone done any business on Wal-mart Market Place? I was just curious if anyone listed anything. Also, whether it's working for them? I just found it today. What kind of products have you listed?
  7. M

    Marketplaces: Uber, AirBnB, Snappr, Fiverr, Upwork and niching

    Hi so I had a question about the marketplace business model that you see nowadays - essentially while there are still small businesses and even big corporations, many professions have been turned into freelancers. Essentially a service business is a marketplace - for example if I run a digital...
  8. M

    0 to 300 thousand sales in less than 6 months, but at 4 months stabilized, what to do?

    I developed a virtual market with my partner, where we had a growth never seen by ourselves. The idea was a virtual market where you can receive your product, whatever is in your home and up to 3:57 hours, without being charged for shipping. We activate referral programs, after-sales services...
  9. minivanman

    Thoughts on the Facebook MarketPlace

    A few weeks ago Facebook changed up Market Place (Seems really slow to post things now). Today Facebook changed the entire look of Facebook (Not a fan of the new look but I have no say-so in it)...... are they getting ready to start charging for Market Place? If so, they are going to mess up my...
  10. E

    I wanna make marketplace for peruvian handicrafts

    Hello Im a web designer and i live in Perú i like to make a peruvian handicraft markeplace online, but before start i like to learn from you marketing tips to get clients interested in for example alpaca rug, teddy bear baby alpaca, scarf , etc... i already have the suppliers wich i think...
  11. alord

    [Process] Bootstrapping A Marketplace Of Business Experts/Mentors

    {I'm moving this from the Insiders because I think it's more valuable for all the members to share my learnings on the public board} I don't want to make it too much about me, here's my premise which you can skip if not interested. THE IDEA When at 14 I was lost, didn't know what to do next. I...
  12. 404mir

    How do I create an affiliate marketplace?

    Yesterday I was thinking of ways to really help creators in a certain niche, then the idea to create a NEW affiliate marketplace, similar to ClickBank, came to mind. Even though I don't know much about the business model (believe it falls under the advertising category), I know this would be a...