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  1. José Sfeir

    Hi! I'm José from Chile

    Hi! My name is José Sfeir. I'm 25 years old and I'm from Chile. I finished my Bachelor's degree and I moved from my small city to the Capital and well, things are kind of not working. I haven't found a job on my field, and most of people of my age are in the same situation. Now I have a shitty...
  2. K

    23 Year Old Successful Real Estate Investor Looking To Influence

    Hey Guys! My Name Is Kevin Ramirez I am a real estate investor in Raleigh, NC I focus on rehabbing and wholesaling (mainly wholesaling) single family homes and small multifamily I join the group specifically to see if there is a group of people who are in my situation or are working towards...
  3. Kubaoo1

    16 and 2 businesses already made

    Hey, thank you for a chance to tell here my story. I'm college age - 16 and have the same plans for the future as Fastlane map after reading TMF. Firstable I wanna say that I live in Poland, Europe so please don't pay attention at some English grammar and so on mistakes. I've made a process in...
  4. Steezy

    Hello from Cali

    Hello Fast Lane Forum! Steezy coming at you live and direct from Southern California... New to the forum, just an ambitious 19 year old looking to gain knowledge and share it as I can. Looking forward to sharing my transition to the Fast Lane lifestyle with you guys!
  5. R

    Young and determined

    I am a 17 year old kid that that has grown up surrounded by self made successful adults. Nothing is or ever will be given to me, I earn and hustle for anything I want. My goal is to financially surpass my stepdad who has a fortunate business of his own, seeing him live his life as he wants...
  6. A

    Greetings from a young man trying to turn things around

    Hi everyone, I just registered on the forum yesterday, found it and lurked for a few days before that. I've read the TMF book (free chapters and then summaries/quotes from the others), and have benefited greatly from other sites (Danger and Play, Bold and Determined -Victor Pride referenced...
  7. D

    Dont Read This Thread If You Are Older Than 25

    I want to create a thread for young fastlaners like me. So no matter if you're 16 oder 24, feel free to join this thread. There is just one rule: You have to answer 3 simple questions: Who are you? Introduce yourself to us! What is your actual situation? Are you going to school, working? How...
  8. Quincosa

    Young Developer

    Hey guys glad to start my journey on the FastLande Forum. I am a 20-year-old developer and aspiring entrepreneur based out of Miami, Florida. For the past year or so, I have been working for about 30-40 hours a week as a software developer while going to school full time. My most recent...
  9. AugrumAutumn

    Young Aspiring Entrepreneur

    Hello world! My name is Sarel and I am from South Africa. It's a great honor to be part of the Fastlane community. I can feel reassured that I will gain insight from the material within and improve myself in order to give more back to the world. I'm sure plenty of the nice folks on this forum...
  10. JCS

    Looking forward to joining this community! Just wanted to introduce myself!

    Hey there Fastlane! I heard about you guys for the first time while reading through r/entrepreneur on reddit and honestly, the difference was like night and day. I couldn't sign up fast enough.. (no pun intended, I swear). That being said, I just wanted to introduce myself! I've been studying...

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