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  1. ulyssezn

    Need a little bit of guidance

    Good morning Fastlane Forum, Before I begin I will just quickly introduce myself and my situation. I am 17 years old, I work at a clothing store and go to college. The only reason I go to college is because I don't have proof to tell my parents that I can leave college. However college is very...
  2. S

    16 year old ai entrepreneur(hopefully soon)

    I’m 16. I’ve been coding games for about 2 years. Made some cool stuff but decided to pivot to ai about six months ago and have been doing web design for a couple weeks now. Enjoyed millionaire fastlane greatly and just read a book called go giver(highly recommend). Currently working on...
  3. G

    14 year old starting learning skills or a yt channel

    I don't know if it is best for me to try and start a youtube channel now and post videos, or just try to learn a skill like coding. Before I got the youtube idea I had just gotten started trying to learn coding with an online course my parents payed for. Then I got the YT idea and wanted to try...
  4. Sisyphos

    Back to The Fastlane

    Hi Fastlane Folk, I wanna introduce myself real quick, not like anyone gives a shit but maybe it’s insightful. I’m a very average guy. Average looks, average strength, average grades. When I was 15 I saw a video about the power of books and in this video there was a book recommend, a book about...
  5. stefandrazic

    19, college dropout, web development job at a startup, using the knowledge to go Fastlane

    Hey there, my name is Stefan, I'm 19 years old, and I'm currently in the pursuit of going Fastlane. I come from a working-class background in Serbia and have always been a good student. However, I dropped out in my first year of Data Engineering college ( similar to software engineering ). It...
  6. G

    Should you believe people who claim to make a lot of money?

    This may be a dumb goofy ahh question, but I am often talking with other people with the same business mindset online. I often see young teens (13, 14, 15) claim to for example own a 5-figure SMMA. Are most of these people lying, and should I believe them? I also hear from a lot of people that...
  7. G

    14 year old learning skills

    I am a 14 year old boy and I want to have an online business in the future. At the moment I am focusing on getting good grades and when I have time I am researching social media marketing and dropshipping because I am planning on using the dropshipping store for practicing ads. I want to learn...
  8. S

    I'm 15, wondering what to do

    My 3 step success plan will go something like this 1. Self improvement 2. financially independent (to dodge college) 3. Buisness (while living frugally and pouring all of the money i get from my job into buisness) Now, i have to wait 3 more years before i can apply for a job What do i...
  9. DonJulio


    Hello everyone, 7 months ago I coded a blockchain application for a cryptocurrency casino that included several software applications involving online gambling that only accepted cryptocurrency. I was paid very well, I made $36,000 dollars, and now I have just inked a deal with DPLAY.Casino and...
  10. M

    I'm 17 and I want to do something good.

    Hi M.J. I’m Mathias, I live in Italy and I’m 17, I just finished to read your book and now I’ve a clear model of the life than i real want. The things than I learned with your book will follows me in the rest of my life. I’ve a question for you, I know than probably other people ask you the same...
  11. Y

    Trying to suceed in a business with a high entry barier at a young age!

    Hello dear Fastlane Members! I'm currently setting up a business with a high entry barrier and I want to show you my progress to see that even an idiot like me can do it with enough willpower. Introduction Summary: If you haven't read my introduction post here is a short summary. I'm...
  12. C

    Just a young entrepreneur who is looking for people who are as ambitious and hungry for success as he is to talk to and get to know

    Hello there, my name is Connor and I want to be a very very very wealthy businessman, innovator, and philanthropist. I am learning how to code and love it quite a lot. When I get really good at it, I'm gonna start creating mobile apps to help and bring value to people and am going to create a...
  13. C

    Who am I and why I am here?

    Hello, my name is Connor and I am 16 years old. The reason that I joined The Fastlane Forum is about the same way everyone else joined. I was reading The Millionaire Fastlane, found out that this forum existed, and joined because I wanted to see what this new place that I have never seen could...
  14. baguvix

    Hello from Slovakia. Becoming more active

    Hey everybody, I am lurking quite a long time on TFF and I realized that I havent even introduce myself. So here it goes. My name is Marian, I am 18 years old and I am from Slovakia. I like going to the gym and building PCs. Recently I overcame gaming addiction, I am happy because of that I...
  15. D

    Introduction - Young and Ready, but Where Do I Start???

    Hi everyone! I first made this account almost a year ago and now after some circumstances and realization of my wants I am back and here to take action. I am currently 21 years old. I went to college for one year studying something I later realized I wasn't passionate about. I then did a year...
  16. CoolBeans

    Trying to unshackle these chains

    Hey, I’ve been lurking on this forum for a while and since it was my 20th birthday recently, I decided to give an intro. My name is Nkululeko; most people just call me NK for short. I live in South Africa (no we don’t ride elephants to work lol). I was born in a place called Durban, you guys...
  17. Farrel Hakim

    I'm Super Young and Confused.

    Hello! To anyone who's reading this post, my name is Farrel Hakim. I'm 16 and as you may have guessed, still in high school (based in New York). I'm currently reading Unscripted and How to Win Friends and Influence People -- always trying to stay ahead of my fellow peers. I'd like to think...
  18. ChrisGav

    20 year-old how should I spend free time?

    I love the process, and I love entrepreneurship. I've always told myself since I was 10 that I could never work for another man and hate the concept of the corporate world. I find myself in a limbo state at the moment. What's the best way to spend my time to learn and grow when I am short on...
  19. Jon Rad

    17yo ex Professional Gamer looking to go Fastlane

    Hello My Name is Jonathan Radeck im 17yo and live at my parents home in Germany Hessen. I used to play Videogames earning about 3800€ in about 2 Years Before quitting to pursue something Greater in my life. I sometimes played about 12-15 Hours a Day, well it wasnt just playing it was...
  20. M

    21-year-old uni grad - frozen & stuck because I fear failure

    OK, here it goes. I know I was supposed to do this 3 1/2 years ago, but better late than never. I’m a university grad, born, raised, and schooled in the hellhole known as Toronto. I majored in finance at a business school, & got a job as an accounting clerk shortly after graduation. During the...