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  1. MKM123

    WEB SCHOOL Anyone use WIX,GoDaddy?? Prefer freelancer?

    Hey guys, I am trying to execute an idea at the moment and am in the process of trying to create a web page. Has anyone had any experience with WIX, GoDaddy or other simular webistes in relation to web page creation? And would anyone recommend these pages or instead hiring a freelance web...
  2. malphax5

    What are creative ways to turn blogging into a fastlane business?

    If you amazing people were to have a blogging website where you post blogs on whatever your niche, how would you monetize it to increase your income? What are ways to turn it into a fastlane business? Give down ideas and examples below.
  3. go giver

    how to get start with affiliate marketing

    hello, fastlaners I wanted to get started with affiliate marketing on a particular niche. my idea is to create a website with affiliate links of various sites which shows offers and price drop like camel camel camel. is it possible to create a website like that?.i 've been researching about it...
  4. Galaxy16

    FORUM NEWS blog: Posts vanished?

    There used to be a lot of posts on Now, the funny pictures and infographic posts are gone. Why have they been deleted? (I know they can probably be found elsewhere, I am just asking).
  5. Xeon

    Any website conversion gurus here? Need opinions on my webpage idea.

    Hi all, For most eCommerce product's individual pages, the layout usually look like this: #1 (click attachments below for full quality resolution) However, I was thinking of selling my product in more of a "story-telling" style, where I get the user to scroll down while I use beautiful...
  6. M

    EXECUTION progress

    The product: - It will allow you to post problems you find in the world and solutions that you think about. You can also vote up problems that you deem are important to you and solutions that you think are useful. It's similar to what MJ talked about in his books - if you can't...
  7. Josh Harmsen

    Someone Help?

    I'm looking for a way to easily find new websites on the internet. Not newly-designed, but have been up and running on the internet for about a couple weeks to a couple months. I've been searching online and can't find a successful way to just target new websites. Any ideas?
  8. P

    New Freelancers: Here's how to start a personal website to market yourself.

    Hey all, Freelancing can be a great way to turn a skill into a quick income. In my short time on the forum I've already seen many talk about getting started. In an effort to help, I thought I'd share some easy to follow instructions on how to get started with some of the basics. I'm a full...
  9. Olimac21

    Best E Learning portal?

    I was wondering which is your preferred portal to learn new skills/knowledge. I have used in the past Udemy and Coursera, right now I am using because I have a free subscription from University and found it really good however the "getting your hands dirty" element is missing. Do you...
  10. CareCPA

    Geographic website blocking

    Reading through all of the advertising threads, I see one can pick and choose where ads are run based on geographical boundaries. Is there a way to do this for websites as well? If there are certain areas in the US where I don't want my website to show up at all, can I block it?
  11. threewhitelights

    Web site that allows you to test demand by directly messaging users within your target market

    Here's the idea: Entrepreneurs sign up to a social community. When they sign up, they fill out some mandatory demographic information: Age range, sex, ethnicity, city, state, country, and approximate income range but NO personally identifiable information (No name, address, SSN, etc.). They...
  12. Chris McCarron

    INTRO Hi, I'm Chris and I make people a lot more money with their website.

    Hi, I've just joined the community and I can't wait to start learning and sharing. :smile2: I own a business that builds automated sales funnels for websites. This includes landing pages, conversion rate optimisation, pre-sell content, e-commerce, email marketing etc. We've just expanded into...
  13. MainlyMotivation

    EXECUTION Motivating the World

    Hey guys, I am building a website to help people understand how powerful a tool motivation is. I will be updating the website EVERY SINGLE DAY. My end goal is to turn it into an authority website. I would like it to be a go to website for anyone who needs help getting motivated in life. If...
  14. S

    New Website Traffic Tips

    Hey guys, So I recently had an amazing idea for a website service that involves FIFA! And I created the site within a week, and it has an attractive, easy-to-use design, and it fills a void/need in the market. For reference, my site is ! So far, to market my website and drive...
  15. Waspy

    EXECUTION I Don't Know What I'm Doing. But I'm Doing.

    Hi Guys, Been offline for a couple months as I was simply finding this place too distracting. This is an incredible resource and one of the best corners of the internet. But it can pull you in, and I needed to get shit done, hence my few months away. In those couple of months things have moved...
  16. ToySoldier

    I've built a tech affiliate site with 150k Pageviews and 50k Users. How to I better monetize it?

    Hey guys! I've got one semester left until graduation, and I've got a problem. The Numbers My affiliate site Tech Under 10 has been doing well the past few months. A combination of high sharability (thanks to the nature of the site,) and great SEO ranking have provided me a constant source of...
  17. Sully1994

    E-commerce Strategy: Store driven, or story driven?

    Opening up an e-commerce store in the mental health and wellness niche. My product is a mood boosting supplement pill made from various natural Ayurvedic herbs. Just finalized ingredient ratios and am in the process of getting the beta version produced for friends, family, and whoever I can find...
  18. Castillo

    WEB/DIGITAL Have Hosting, need ecommerce software

    Hey guys, for E-Commerce websites, what would be the best bet to use other than shopify/woocommerce? I'd prefer not to use those, but if need be I will use woocommerce.
  19. SparksCW

    WEB/DIGITAL Passive Income Website Hacked - What I learnt

    I'd noticed that sales were a bit down on one of my websites, it's my longest running site and it's a small niche which I command, it's direct sales and they are dispatched by my supplier, so it's kind of been a "leave it to do it's thing" type site, brings in some OK money with almost no effort...
  20. ToySoldier

    I need some advice on dealing with a tough client

    Hey guys, I'm a college senior, and have been running a web design business for a few years. An client of mine recently shot me an email asking for changes to be made to her site. It was a pretty simple copy/paste job, and took about 40 minutes. My hourly rate is $30, and that's stated in...

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