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  1. adnanazmi

    I need HELP please! What are the Most Important Aspects of Testimonials?

    Hello Fellow Fastlaners! I would like to kindly request your input and insights on the topic of testimonials. This thread is so we can learn Together everything we can about this important aspect of our businesses. 1. What is the best way to get testimonials? - Please share your thoughts on...
  2. REALTORenrique

    Wanting to build valuable website for potential clients

    Heres the deal, I am a new realtor and to tell you the truth (as embarrassing as it is for me to say) I have yet to close on a deal. Shit I have yet to have more than just one client. (Unfortunately we did not get our offer accepted). Ive been licensed for about 8 months now. I have followed my...
  3. A

    76,068 Ads Served, $0.20 Revenue Earned From WordPress , Is This Normal?

    As my title of my posts says, one of my posts went viral on reddit, reaching the front page, etc and attracting around about 18,000 visitors mostly from USA, Canada, UK, Australia and the EU so all western first world countries, according to Wordpress during the time the article has been...
  4. A

    76,068 Ads Served, $0.20 Revenue Earned From WordPress , Is This Normal?

    As my title of my posts says, one of my posts went viral on reddit, reaching the front page, etc and attracting around about 18,000 visitors mostly from USA, Canada, UK, Australia and the EU so all western first world countries, according to Wordpress during the time the article has been...
  5. C

    Looking for an idea for an iPhone app / General advice needed

    SAAS / APPS 
    Hi everyone! Been a while. To make a long story job I had the typical 9-5 job at a start up company as a jr software engineer. The company went under and we all lost our jobs. That was in December. I am officially broke at 35, its sad and pathetic and making me lose motivation. I have been...
  6. arnavmehta7

    Made a Product - Thinking if I should put in my money to make it better

    Hello everyone, I have been working on a website and an extension for several weeks now. I'm considering investing some money (approximately $5 per month) to improve the quality of the outputs for both. Currently, I'm using self-made services which aren't that good as the giants. There are only...
  7. C

    Ideas and tips to validate a business idea?

    Hey, I would love to know what a pro has to say about the quality of our website. I'm kind of thinking of ways to validate our app and gain traction. If you have about 5-10 spare minutes, I'd be very thankful if you could take a look at the website. Simply dm me. Or comment down below so I can...
  8. N

    Selling websites but too saturated

    Hi, I want to create my own platform where I sell websites (website designs with frontend and backend files ready) to mainly other businesses. I have provided a list of pros and cons. Pros: - I will provide files which means I give them the control contrasting to Wix and Wordpress - I'm...
  9. khadush

    Even after designing 30+ websites, I never landed a single client

    It's been around 3.5 years since I became a full-time designer. I changed three companies and have worked on almost 30+ websites. But, I wanted to work with the client directly! I had tried Upwork and 99designs and Got a few clients there, but after 1 project, they never came back! 1. I know...
  10. L

    Making shopify websites as a side hustle - how to scale?

    Hey guys, For the last couple of months I've been making shopify websites for people in my specific niche (sneakers) and charging around $500 per store. I've had about 5 clients so far and made about 2.5k which for a 16 year old isn't too bad on top of my other side hustles. It's one of the few...
  11. speedbird

    Preparing for launch day of your platform! What to look out for?

    Hello! I hope you're doing well on your side of the screen! So, the last few months, after I started reading TMF, I immediately started on a side-project I saw opportunities in! And, I can finally see that it's coming to an end and have to start preparing for the long-waited launch day! I've...
  12. A

    My Business Progress Report: Failures, Successes & Accountability

    I was ''lurking'' the forum once again and decided to start a progress report to provide insights into different failures and successes along the way. My ''business'' is a website or two actually, but I'm focusing on my second site as of now. I started my website journey on the 13th of January...
  13. Joejordan95

    Can you set up a website?

    FLF, I'm looking to get a website set up for my service business venture. I'm not great at doing this and don't really have the inclination to learn to do so based on past experiences. I'm hopeful that someone is looking for an opportunity to sharpen their skills and wants help and if you've got...
  14. speedbird

    How do you get traffic to your newly published website without any budget for publishing ads

    Hi Imagine you've just finished of a project/website and you're ready to deploy it. How would you help start getting users to find your website? I thought that social media was a huge player and would simplify things a bit, but I discovered that this 'strategy' is not completely helpful at...
  15. R

    Web Developer and Digital Marketing Consultant

    Hello, I am Rafi kadir. I am a web developer and digital marketing consultant. I am helping small businesses to increase conversion rates and brand value. I am new to this forum. If you need any kind of help please knock me. I am available to solve your great problem. Thanks.
  16. AppsOfUse

    30-Day-Value Challenge to productivity app! (Intoduction, Story, Help needed)

    Hi there, I'm new on this forum. 21 year old student, read Unscripted last year. In it, MJ states the 30-day-value challenge. To build something of value within 30 days and sell it. It took 50 days for me. And now (1 year later) I earned about 100$ with it! But I spend 250$ lol. I had this idea...
  17. khadush

    Is there anyone who is going to work on their new landing/website?

    Hey, I am working on my book which helps people to create a landing page from research to development by themself. So, I wanted to take some feedback from people who are going through the process of creating their own website or landing. So, that I can understand their mindset, what kind of...
  18. Wendy-Russo

    Rate my Ratings Rating Idea

    Problem : Fake ratings are a problem for platform's reputations, customer's times and money, small businesses and literally everyone involved Idea: A website / chrome extension / app that would allow users to know how reliable a product's ratings are. Use: Copy paste the product's link into...
  19. techro

    Stopping wasting my youth and starting a website.

    Here after reading The Millionaire Fastlane. Thank you @MJ DeMarco for opening my eyes! Back story: when I was around 13 years old, I "made " a simple website (registered a free blog at and choose an ugly-a$$ theme) where readers could submit and find game servers to play on (it...
  20. techro

    Ideas for blog name? How do you find good names for you website/project?

    I'm starting a blog where I'll be posting tutorials/guides about programming/game development. I already made the website on my development server and have a ton of ideas lined up. The only thing missing is the website name. No matter how long I brainstorm, I just can't come up with a short and...

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