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web company

  1. N

    What do you think of my new website idea? One Ad at a Time with User Rewards!

    Hey fellow FastLaners! I've been working on a new website concept and wanted to get your thoughts on it. The idea is simple yet intriguing—I'm thinking of creating a platform where only one advertisement is displayed at a time. Advertisers can then book specific time slots for their ads to be...
  2. SDMIL420

    Military Business Idea and Feedback

    Anyone who has ever served in the military knows it is rife with problems, and anyone who's read MJ's entrepreneurial literature trifecta knows it is therefore also overflowing with opportunity. After having a great career, I'm leaving the military and embarking on my own fast lane adventure. I...
  3. D

    I want to know what you think about it

    Hello guys I guess I've found a pretty nice business opportunity, and now I am in a part of testing my idea. Recently I found a website which business model was PPC. I checked, and that company made few millions per year in revenu e. This company operates basically in US and few other...
  4. J

    SEO/Web Dev, step by step?

    I am looking to learn SEO and Web Development to build an SEO business. I got 2.5 months of 100% free time before I begin my new job, and I thought I'd spend this time starting to learn SEO and Web Development. So that I maybe could start an SEO business part-time and work on it till I...
  5. Mathuin

    The Cold Email that started a $500m - $1B Company

    I've taxed this from a post on r/Entrepreneur by u/harrydry that I hadn't seen posted here after a quick search. **Post begins** Back in February 2010, Jason Cohen had an idea: A new Wordpress hosting service, that would help with speed, scalability, and security. He now faced the challenge...
  6. NicholasCato

    Nicholas Cato - Growing a Web Design business: progress thread

    Hey everyone, and welcome to my web design progress thread! So I’ve been on these forums for several months after reading MDFL. The countless success stories of others finding their unique paths to financial freedom has changed me forever. To keep it simple, first half of my 20’s were spent...
  7. O

    Uncovering Business Pain Points

    Hello everyone. I'm going to be attending a small business networking event this weekend, and I'm looking for some feedback and ideas. My main goals as of now are: 1. To ask them wether they would be interested in a website concept that I have that may benefit them. 2. If they are interested...
  8. MJ DeMarco

    Management of Web Dev Clients

    Thought this AppSumo deal was worth taking a look at if anyone is using Web Design as a hustle. AppSumo I know it's been nearly 20 years, but when I was doing web design as a hustle I remember client communication was always a pain in the butt. I used manila folders to aggregate client...
  9. Darth Vein

    How to get clients as a web designer?

    This is for all freelance web designers, how do you get clients?
  10. Rafael_PL

    My road to freedom - mobile app and web company

    Hi guys, short bio at the beginning. I'm 24 years old student from Poland. Two years ago I've started changing my life. I cut off viscious circle of depression, anxiety and loneliness. Started computer science studies, works as C++ software developer in a big company. After work and school I'm...
  11. DaringK

    Kenneth Mulongo

    I am excited to be on the fast lane finally. I am from South Africa but was born in the DRC. I am about to qualify as a chartered accountant (CPA) but have been working on scaling a private tutoring business by producing an E-book on studying guides and exam prep techniques. Additionally I...
  12. Consolation

    Build a website to generate sales for jewellery shop

    For the past 9 months I was stuck with Android Fragmentation. I tried providing value in every aspects. Still, I wasn’t going anywhere. Final attempt? Joined FLF, though I finished those 2 books. Yup. I ignored some of the Gold Threads before joining FLF. Huge mistake. Then, I found @Fox 9...