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New Contributor
Feb 23, 2017
New York, NY
Hello everyone. I'm going to be attending a small business networking event this weekend, and I'm looking for some feedback and ideas. My main goals as of now are:

1. To ask them wether they would be interested in a website concept that I have that may benefit them.
2. If they are interested, give them a brief demo showing them how it works (I have a prototype web app to show them)
3. Find other pain points that they may have in their businesses that can be solved with software
4. Get contact info

Ultimately I am a software developer who can build websites and I want to probe the business owners minds to see what pain points they have and potentially create a business from that. Are there any specific questions I should ask them, or things I should add to my goals for that day? Any thoughts, opinions, feedback, or criticism is appreciated :D

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Aug 6, 2017
New Mexico
If you have a web app prototype, I'm assuming it solves a specific problem/pain-point. So I'd lead with that--ask how often they have the problem, how big a problem it is, what impact the problem has, how having a solution to the problem would impact them, etc.

If they DON'T have the problem, ask what their biggest challenge is right now or in the next 60 days. Ask the same probing questions from above.

Even if your web app has no interest (or "meh" interest, which is really a "not interested"), you can uncover other problems people would pay to have solved. If you can solve them, great, but if not, you can still provide value by introducing them to someone or a resource that'd help them.

Your goals should be to:
  • validate (or invalidate) your web app idea
  • dig for other problems
  • help every single person in whatever way you can--even with a kind word


New Contributor
Feb 23, 2017
New York, NY
I really like the biggest challenge question and helping in any way that I can. Thanks for your comments. They are highly appreciated.

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