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  1. Bekit

    Guy was homeless. He got off the script, and then this happened...

    View: This randomly popped up in my youtube recommendations. Sounds like the guy was solidly on the script (and homeless), but he got some classes that gave him a new mindset. First, he built a skillset that would allow him to bring in a regular...
  2. J

    INTRO Hello Fastlaners!!

    Hi Fastlaners, I'm jmod and I came across this channel after reading Fastlane Millionaire 2 years ago after being completely disatified with my job and life. At the time I felt like I'd done all the traditionally 'right' things (college degree, competitive grad job, expensive city apartment)...
  3. ZCP

    (From CNN) 6 things you can do right now that'll make you rich

    6 things you can do right now that'll make you rich gag...... 1. figure out what you want (ok...) 2. kick debt to the curb (cool ....) 3. 401k (ugh ...) 4. IRA (double down on it ....) 5. the market (triple down on it ...) 6. buy a house (but it's an asset, right?.....) because everything...

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