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MEETUPS I Would Love To Hear Your Opinion On Social Media Platforms

Discussion in 'Networking, Socializing, Meet-Ups' started by Jonny Blaze, Dec 9, 2018.

  1. Jonny Blaze

    Jonny Blaze Contributor

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    Aug 18, 2016
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    Hello all!

    Let's just get straight to the point, I don't need an extensive introduction, I will keep it short and simple. A lot of the marketing I do is strictly through Social Media, and I often times ponder a very particular question that I'm sure many others have as well.

    Which Social Media platform is best for my business?

    Now, I recently went to go see Gary Vaynerchuck live and what he drilled into my head is to stop overthinking it, and being a perfectionist about what you post, just do it. The part that my stomach slightly rejects is that he says to use all Social Media platforms to leverage the fact that its underpriced attention. I feel this way based on the fact that I market to the younger population (13-25 years old) and also based on my own personal experience.

    The main 9 Social Media platforms are:
    1. Facebook
    2. Twitter
    3. Google+
    4. Youtube
    5. LinkedIn+
    6. Instagram
    7. Pinterest
    8. Snapchat
    9. Podcasts

    That is a lot of F*cking attention, no doubt. However, I feel like starting a Social Media platform for your business is not just part of a checklist on shit that needs to be done for your business. Its a commitment or else you won't get anything out of it. It's like working out once in a blue moon, versus working out every day consistently for years, the results will show. All of us here, we want results! Now imagine if you started 9 different work out regiments, you would probably be pretty overwhelmed. You would also renegotiate with yourself after maybe an hour or so on how maybe 9 is too many.

    What does every entrepreneur want more of besides money and success? TIME!

    It doesn't take long to post to Social Media, it is basically just pressing a button. However what does take up a significant amount of time is the commitment part that comes with Social Media. That includes creating content and interacting with your audience.

    I totally agree with the statement that any content is better than no content, but I think good content is the best. Why? Because you're a business. That's like saying any website is better than no website. The second you hit a website that looks like shit and is built like shit, you are instantly looking for the back button or the exit button. Whether you are recording a video for Youtube or sending out a tweet for twitter, it's probably within your best interest to actually put some effort into it and try to entertain/provide value to people so they come back to your profile.

    Also, it's probably a good idea to interact with those people and form a digital relationship with them, so you don't need to do a lot of selling. Are you trying to be an advertisement that is just interrupting peoples social media experience, or are you trying to become part of their social media experience? For this example, let's just say sales is the same as sex (it basically is), now let say you are going to a bar to get some sales/sex, are you just going to run up to every single person in that room and the first thing you say to them is "hey buy this/F*ck me"

    No, you aren't. Do you see what I mean? If not, I can go into more depth if someone requests it.

    Okay, so as you can see when you start a Social Media platform it is probably within your best interest to commit to it, so you can actually start to see sales for your business. On top of all of this, you have a business to run. Whatever it is you do, from coding to the marijuana industry, there is a lot of shit you need to do. You are busy. I think personally it is best to commit to 2-3 platforms very aggressively.

    Let's not forget about my-space, it was here and then it was not. I think the same can be said for a majority of the sites I have listed, they are not worth the long-term investment. What platforms do I think aren't going anywhere anytime soon?

    (1. Facebook)
    2. Youtube
    3. Instagram
    (4. Snapchat)

    I put parentheses on Facebook and Snapchat because it really depends on your audience, but I think for sure regardless of the age group you are targeting, Youtube and Instagram are a must. Facebook for an older market, Snapchat for the younger one.

    This is my theory that I have put together after countless hours of research and watching discussions on the subject. I would love to hear your theory and I'm sure many others would as well!

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