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Jul 18, 2017
There are a vast number of members here in the forums with differing areas of knowledge, expertise and business, but the one thing we all have in common is connections. Just by reading this you are connecting with me, you are finding out more about me, may be how I work, what I do, the language I use and much more - all of it subtle and most 'unspoken'. By sheer size many of us probably work in similar industries, we may even be competitors but there again we may not be.

What I have not seen yet (don't forget I am new but have searched around quite a bit) is a thread or threads about making connections whether that be via FB/Twitter etc or simply asking for help accessing connections in specific areas/business types.

In addition to taking an active part in the forums I am personally I am looking to make connections (read follow) with Members who are in and or work in the Healthcare industry - who/what are you 'looking for'?

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