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  1. redshift

    Writing your own story

    I finished reading Unscripted again recently. I think this was my 3rd time around after reading it twice a few years ago. Great book btw, always inspires the crap out of me. What's crazy, though, is how I always pick something up which I completely missed in the previous reading. Now, to speed...
  2. MJ DeMarco

    The Parable of Value, Context, and Self-Worth...

    If you've read the latest Fastlane Newsletter (all registered forum users get the newsletter when you opt to receive forum email) you noticed that I took the liberty to rewrite a famous parable. I really enjoyed rewriting The Mexican Fisherman parable, so I did it again. Lots of takeaways in...
  3. ambitio

    The Climb to Success: A Story of a Confused Young Guy Who Tries to Become an Entrepreneur.

    Hello everyone, in this thread I will document my process. As of right now I have absolutely no experience in business & entrepreneur things. My current goal looks like this: Find a need I can fulfill, then scale the idea and sell it to 50 people. A simple two step process.(I hope so...) I...
  4. Andy Black

    Storytelling (Chat Thread)

    Telling stories is something we could all do with getting better at, not just as business owners, but also as parents and even chatting to friends and family. List of podcasts, books, YouTube channels, blogs, people to follow, etc: Let me know and I'll update this opening post. Forum...
  5. iivalky

    How I Went From Massive Consumer to Massive Producer (Business Venture)

    Hello everyone, A lot of people seemed to take interest in my introduction where I briefly explained my career as an indie game developer, so I thought I would write a detailed article of my journey from start to present. I will be as open as possible with my numbers, failures and even struggles...
  6. mikecarlooch

    Getting My First Ever YES (Video Marketing Agency)

    2019 Sitting in my dark room with things all over the place, I scrolled through YouTube. Video after video, trying to figure out exactly how to make a my "own business" by constantly watching videos about how Warren Buffett made 100 gazillion dollars and I would walk around talking about how I...
  7. T

    I attached our Pitch deck for transparent feedback!

    Hi, I started another thread about our baseball startup tech company 2-3 days ago and I was provided some great feedback. I felt it would be positive to post our entire pitch deck in this thread for those who have the time to provide any feedback. @Knugs provided very in-depth feedback for...
  8. SheikhNaveed

    Success is a product, uncomfortable situations are founders

    10 years ago, at Monday morning, when I was pressing the button of my pc at my office early morning around 9.15 am. One of my seniors asked 'Naveed! You need to go to the waiting room and wait for the boss' I said 'Why?' He told because you had not come to the office last Saturday. I went to...
  9. Lucifer

    Wantrepeneur says hello

    Hello everyone on the fastlane forum, This is going to be my story, telling (broad-line) details about myself, so a lot (especially the first part) is going to be in the "I" form, as it is the way I experienced it. It includes the events that lead to my way here on the forum, not the entire...
  10. Schwarz


    I came here with a 'I have nothing to lose and everything to gain' mindset. About a month ago I became 21 years old. Over the past 3 years I went to 3 different colleges (I live in Belgium so college is cheap) where I tried to follow my passions because people told me things like "You must do...
  11. Timmy C

    The story of Sharlene Barns

    No experience? No worries: How Sharlene Barnes created $1.8 million app, Skool Loop - SmartCompany I read an interesting story linked above that some of you might find an interesting read Sharlene Barnes hustled away and grinded obviously but you can see the EVENT being told by the journalist...
  12. MJoo

    MJoo introduction

    Hi there, I've received and read TMF last year april and Unscripted this year april for my birthday from my good friend and life-long entrepeneur. I love self-development and this book really has a non-bs approach which we need in the 'oh-be-tolerant' Netherlands. So for my introduction: I've...
  13. Gepi

    Fastlaners of TFLF, what are the 3 main choices that led to your success?

    Greetings everyone, I am always very curious about successful people's habits and daily activities. Maybe some of you are willing to share the TOP 3, which could either be things you do daily or a choice you consciously made once. I am interested in the essence of what you think had or has the...
  14. E

    Hello friends, I want to share my Story with you

    I'm Eduard, 23 years old, a collage student from Germany and just finished reading UNSCRIPTED. For my introduction I will tell you a short story of my life. My youth wasn't easy, my parents are from Russia and moved to Germany in 1999 when I was 4 years old. So I grew up in a decided society...
  15. blakkbox

    Get Free or Die Trying

    Hello everybody, My name is Mike. I'm 28 years old, American, and am determined to start a business that abides by Fastlane CENTS principles as soon as possible. I have been studying entrepreneurship since I dropped out of college at age 21 and have a history of entrepreneurship and...
  16. ygtrhos

    28 year old PhD Engineer

    Hello everyone, Honestly, I did not think I would write here for these reasons, but life happened to me when I was actually making other plans. I was born in Turkey. Not the animal one, but the country. My mom is a typical slowlaner, whereas my father had his own company, but lacked the vision...
  17. Rene Rannamägi

    28 years old and lot´s of business failures, now I plan to WIN.

    My story is simple, my father started drinking, sold our assets and quitted his lawyer´s career. Eventually, he committed suicide because of the pressure he had created for himself while I was 6 years old. I started selling newspapers at age of 13 because I wanted pocket money. At 18-22 I did...
  18. MarekvBeek

    A SCRIPTED Story... (I cried a little)

    So a few days ago we recieved a package at our home. My mom told me it was for dad. Guess what it was? A drone My dad finally bought a drone. I've been "discussing" this with him for a month. I tried to help him find a drone which suits his needs. But it was a pain in the a$$ for him...
  19. Rickchise23

    My Damn Boss- The Millionaire Real Estate Investor

    My Damn Boss Grabbing the soggy carpet drenched in cat piss and shit I turned my head and nearly vomited. I was sweating profusely with a sanitary mask covering my mouth, some old throwaway clothes on and wearing thick rubber gloves on a mid summer day in Everett, WA. I was contracted to gut...
  20. juba.hadjal

    28 years old and always learning!

    Hello everyone, I am very happy to be here and read all of you! This forum is full of information and it motivates me to achieve my goals. Three years ago I was in the University learning English literature and today I work as a slave in a society that breaks my back and takes my time off my...

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