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  1. oskarilmundo

    Product development finished. Now stuck at mold cost.

    So long story short i came up with a very good product idea. I started to check out the market to do some research on some competition. Unfortunately, there's a US top selling product of which i cant disclose that's already selling a similar product with a patent on it. I had to come up with my...
  2. Medellin

    Has anyone started/built a supplement company before?

    Hoping to get some advice/feedback on best practices of approaching private label supplement formulation companies. I have a specific niche that I want to tackle. I hoping to get schooled in how to best approach an MVP/test product in this space. Interested in knowing: Does & don'ts...
  3. Aidan04

    The Prototype Is done, Now What?

    I've finished the prototype for my product and it works beautifully. I'm going to see if this product has viability by selling the 3d-printed versions on Amazon. Here's my current issue though, what do I do after? How do I go from the 3D-printed proto version to a fully injection...
  4. Frost

    Scaling A Dropshipping Store

    Hello, I've been running a dropshipping store for a couple of months now, using Pinterest ads. The product that I started with seems to be doing well, but it needs more optimization (margins, conversion rate, ROAS) to be worth it. I took the opportunity to start looking for agents in China in...
  5. Walter Hay

    UPDATES on SOURCING, IMPORTING & LOGISTICS while the upheaval lasts

    Recently I have posted updates in two threads relevant to these subjects, as well as commenting on these subjects in other threads, and judging by the small number of responses, I think they are largely going unnoticed. I believe these subjects are important enough to warrant their own thread...
  6. Walter Hay


    I am in the process of writing a 2021 revision of my sourcing and importing book, but I thought I should post this extract now because it is so important. With the onset of what became known as the Trade War between China and the USA, followed by the pandemic there has been a growing interest...
  7. WhateverCheese

    Is there a company that sells customly labeled supplement bottles?

    Hello dear members of the Fastlane Forum, I am sourcing empty supplement bottles for a supplement, that is put into gelatine capsules (Size 0). Every bottle should hold about 200 capsules. The bottles have to be labeled with custom labels, carrying my brand logo and other information. I've...
  8. WHY

    Silicone Molds? Who to contact/get foot in door for creating samples

    Hi all, Been doing a good amount of research and I can't seem to find people who really do original silicone mold ideas. I'm attempting to create a new type of cup that requires a brand new design, but most silicone companies already have premade molds, are baking only oriented, or some other...
  9. Walter Hay

    Walter Hay's Business Books

    Well, I have become a serial business book writer. Three down, with at least one more residing in my brain. The 3 books so far are based on: A lifetime of success in sales and marketing, while designing, copywriting, and structuring all of my own advertising in both major businesses I...
  10. Dsant

    First time importing from Alibaba? Here's some tips!

    Hello guys, I'm on the process of finding a supplier for my products on Alibaba and I'm gathering some information before I do so I won't have any surprises later on, I've found this video and it sure helped me, so it can probably help you if you're still diving into Alibaba. View...
  11. Walter Hay

    How I started and built my B2B importing empire

    With concerns growing among forum members regarding the lack of control when selling on Amazon, there has also been an increasing interest in B2B selling, to some extent due to the greater control possible. To help as much as I can, I decided to start this thread, firstly outlining the way I...
  12. Walter Hay

    Walter Hay's Q & A - Importing and Sourcing

    Please Note: This thread is a closed thread but I will be adding questions and answers from time to time. You can expect to ultimately see a very long list. This is not an AMA thread. All questions should be posted on my AMA: GOLD! Sharing my lifetime experience in export/import. Product...
  13. Walter Hay

    Walter Hay’s Sourcing Service.

    Untold Sourcing Secrets. I have a confession to make. My book and my AMA don’t tell the whole story. My book is designed to guide importers safely through the sourcing jungle, so why are there sourcing secrets that I don’t publish? The reason is, that when I head into that jungle looking for...
  14. Dom117

    Personal Brand vs. Manufacturer's Brand

    Hi guys November has been awesome for me, I just passed the 4k revenue mark for this month and couldn't be happier. The number doesn't tell the whole story though. It feels like I'm still on very loose sand. This might be interesting for all the Ecommerce entrepreneurs here that still lack...
  15. Walter Hay

    Walter Hay’s Rare Discount Sale.

    Walter Hay’s Rare Discount Sale. A number of members have asked about buying both of my books together, so I decided to bundle them as a discounted package. Here’s the deal until further notice: BOTH BOOKS: Proven Global Sourcing - Proven Global Sourcing. 2019 edition: $97. Plus… “Create...
  16. exporttoberlin

    Enquiring about which product to potential buyers/ importers

    Dear Readers, I am currently going through the steps in setting up my export company in the food and beverages industry. I have done some on the ground research of potential buyers ( Importers/ distributors) of the target market. What I mean buy that is I have gathered information on what...
  17. Woodsman81

    Has anyone produced a backpack?

    Ever since I started hunting with a backpack I have wanted features on my backpack that I can't find on the market (this is before I read the book). Now I am starting to figure out how they are going to work. Well I sketched them, but I am a terrible artist. As I did my research on other...
  18. Niptuck MD

    A primer in dealing with your supplier BEFORE and AFTER the Chinese New Year

    With the Chinese New Year (CNY) passing, a lot of you ecommerce sourcers may have been struggling with communication and or production of your goods to be sourced from overseas on time. Here is something to consider..... Westerners return from...
  19. T

    I have an original product idea. Which of these pathways to take?

    I have an original idea for a product. The target customers are hobbyists from a very specific and small niche, yet big enough to make this product lucrative. (The Facebook group for this hobby has around 30K members). After a thorough Google and Amazon research session, I've concluded that...
  20. StevieB

    Sourcing from China is old news, Vietnam new news?

    I have a lot of contants telling me that Vietnam is the better sourcing these days than China. Anyone have experience with this? I did some brief research and it does seem Vietnam is an up and coming power house. Trump is actually visiting there soon. Just curious if anyone knew anything about...