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  1. GoldenGlow

    Fear of taking action, commitment and humiliation; Chronic escapism through books, fanfics and YouTube

    Reading 50 books per year has put me into a state of analysis paralysis, where I'm filled with ideas for how society should be run but don't even clean my damn room. None of my current beliefs are actually my own. Whenever I listen to my pleasure-strangled brain, it becomes a foul headwind that...
  2. fl_architect

    Hello Forum, Sidewalk Architect here.

    Hello fellow Fastlaners, after silent reading for a few weeks, it’s finally time to introduce myself. My Name is Marcel and I'm from Austria. I'm 32 years old, am married, and have two children (a 3-year-old boy and a one-month-old girl.) I have recently finished my master's degree in...
  3. D

    The power of a FTE (& this forum)

    Hello everyone, Today I would like to talk about my experience after having had what I would definitely call a "FTE". While I don't feel comfortable talking about the exact details of this event (let's just say it was pathetic, embarrassing & stupid...), it happened about 30 days ago. While I...
  4. D

    Sidewalk Etymology

    I am curious, MJ. What is the etymology behind the term “sidewalk”? How did you come about the term and which experiences helped you solidify it? If you prefer not to say, let us know.
  5. D

    Sidewalking: Share Your Story

    What sidewalking have you witnessed? Know any sidewalkers? Were you a sidewalker? Are you Fastlane minded and trying to get off the sidewalk? Have your years of sidewalk living feel like a past lifetime? Sidewalking: Fastlaner Edition
  6. MJ DeMarco

    The 3 Wealth Personalities, Which Is You?

    Via the graphic...
  7. AnAverageJoe

    No one knew he was getting paid and not showing up...

    Stumbled on this article a few days ago. Basically this guy stopped showing up to his job and his job kept paying him FOR 6 YEARS. He stopped going to work and for 6 years after that he got a check because his employers assumed he was still working for them. They only found out he wasn’t...
  8. mo3

    Old Sidewalker

    I'm 42 (43 very soon), I have 3 young children (youngest is 21 months), I run a tiny freelance business from home, working 2 days a week. I've read the first half of TMF and stopped to come and visit the forum. My Dad is a Slowlaner, in all respects. He spent his life scrimping and saving. He's...
  9. McFirewavesJr

    Pyramid Scheme 2.0

    From a Facebook ad on my feed... Who is JT FOXX JT Foxx is a serial entrepreneur, real estate investor, philanthropist and the World’s #1 Wealth Coach. (Yes, they said #1 wealth coach in the world! Must be legit right?!! Let's see how he's going to "coach me" into wealth...) Do you want to be...
  10. Joe Cassandra

    The End of all Sidewalk/Slowlane Bashing

    I see a ton of posts on this Forum from people pointing and laughing at Slowlaners and Sidewalkers because they haven't "Seen the light." I used to do this too... When I lived in Charlotte, NC, I'd ride the train to my mind-numbing financial analyst job in the Hearst Tower. I'd be reading 4...
  11. jon.a

    OMFG This Hurt

    An old shipmate that used to work for me just posted this on FB... "So, you know the old adage, "Good things come to those who wait"? Well, to that my Mother would tack on two words, "and PRAY". So, we waited and prayed and today I found out that I got the promotion I worked so hard for. I am...
  12. LamboKing

    How Bad Do You Want It? Really Bad, yet I'm Stuck in Park!

    3:43 P.M. I’ve had it. Literally just screamed “f this” to the top my lungs! Read TMF and Unscripted, understand the 5 fast lane commandments, engine is primed and fueled, but I’m missing something. What that is, I don’t know (execution?). I’ve had enough, and it’s time to hit the fastlane and...
  13. cutthroughstatic

    SCRIPTED encounters: see the world through a new lens

    Background: I own and operate a small dealership. I was finishing up a deal, and collected the customer's insurance info (he's 19 or 20). $300/mo insurance for a vehicle with a payment of $370/mo. "Have you shopped this around?!" I was shocked. The mom chimes in: "It's part of being an adult...
  14. Millenial_Kid5K1

    The Town With No Hustle

    Today I'm here to tell a story. This is the city of Lagrange, Georgia: It's a sleepy hamlet of roughly 30,000 people, and it's the town I've had the displeasure of living in on-and-off for about 7 of the last 15 years. The town is chock-full of sidewalkers with a smattering of slowlaners...
  15. Jorotyn

    Time to escape the rat race!

    Hi fastlaners! It's time to escape the rat race. <--- This is me (my avatar). I'm 23, living in Melbourne Australia, working full time (7am - 4pm, plus commute, Mon-Fri, min wage) in a job that leaves me with roughly $1000 left over after expesnes each month to invest in business...
  16. Drew D

    This guy hates rich people

    I hope this is the right section, but this guy is a solid example of a sidewalker mindset.
  17. Scot

    See how deep the rabbit hole goes -Clicking ads on Fastlane Forum

    So I noticed a couple days ago, the ads at the bottom of the page (I spend 98% of my time here on mobile) that showed other posts on the forum were mixed in with affiliate links. No judgement, MJ's gotta make his money. As long as I don't get the ads in the middle of my page a la insiders Sub, I...
  18. Argue

    You Have Two Choices

    "If you don't make the time to work on creating the life you want, you're eventually going to be forced to spend a lot of time dealing with a life you don't want." - Kevin NGO You Have Two Choices 1. Work on your business vs. Going to the bar. 2. Reading that book and executing vs. Playing...
  19. Castillo

    Back with the Reddit funnies

    Found this gem on reddit again... My 2016 Beermoney totals. • /r/beermoney "I try to get my big goal every day. I also ruthlessly worked over time during the lovely time a month or two ago when they doubled the points on everything. I've literally spent up to 8 hours a day on Swagbucks, but...
  20. RHL

    When you hit max level, you stop leveling.

    This is it guys. We're done. Hang it up. The quest is over. We've arrived. A German app is now is now paying people with a 5.00 Euro Amazon gift card... for listening to TEN HOURS of ads and TAKING SURVEYS ABOUT THEM. (I removed the link to the app, but it's called TV Smiles for anyone who...

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