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service business

  1. uhhfeef

    Growing An Automation Business

    Hey all Maybe you've seen my other progress thread, maybe not. But that was a 6 month endeavour with a lot of life lessons I would never have learned if I never tried anything with the idea. My biggest lesson learned: build something people need. So that's what I plan to do now. I already...
  2. A

    Would you use this and what services would you like to add?

    A platform where you can book vetted local, on the ground services in other countries to get things done without flying there or going through local agencies. Services include: Attending local trade show on your behalf Visiting factory/products Verifying a local business/property/documents...
  3. Aidan04

    Just Got My First Clients

    Hey all. Been a bit since I've posted. If you don't know me, I'm a product developer/inventor. I'm currently working on a physical product for the automotive industry. Recently though, I have had a problem. See, as a young adult I seem to be very broke, and I need funds to keep bootstrapping...
  4. M

    How to properly "discipline"/train staff? Or should I just get rid of them?

    For background I have a cleaning business - I don't want to seem like a dhead but I have had staff not clean areas properly and received complaints from clients about this. Now overall most of my reviews have been around 4-5 stars so I know that the service is good. Our staff are trained, have...
  5. JJHemingway

    Computer Repair Ads BANNED? What's some workarounds...?

    The stuff about serviced based businesses marketing from @Andy Black is beautiful for what I do (Residential IT). Main issue is that I cannot take advantage of people looking for my type of service through Google Ads due to their Third-party consumer technical support policy. Not one to give up...
  6. DreamLund

    Local Service Business Website Builder?

    question What website builder would you use if you had a local service based business? Information: Business: Window Cleaning Product: Only services, no sales online Reason for website: Searchable, more "trustworthy", reviews/testimonials, and a contact form. Inspirational...
  7. EthanH

    Starting and Scaling an Exterior Cleaning Business at 21

    Hi everyone! My name is Ethan, I'm 21 years old from the UK and I have spent the last 2 of years working in office jobs, possessing all the traits of a typical Wantrepreneur, always wanting to change but never actually taking any action. Whilst I was told by many how lucky I was to be...
  8. Aristoss

    Flow before Monetization?

    Listening to Alex Hormozi's podcast, I came across the idea of first generating demand by offering a free service, then adding friction by monetizing it. This gives us a chance to engage the market with a very basic MVP and get a lot of reps to improve it. What's your take on it? For...
  9. Johnny boy

    Where we actually get most of our leads for our local business

    I've seen tons of content and videos put out by local service companies. I've heard these things a hundred times... "We do door hangers. I have the workers put them up next door when they visit a place" "We just do word of mouth" "You can put a wrap on your car and be a free billboard" "Talk...
  10. F

    Lawn mowing service - Timing, Seasons and Regions

    I have an opportunity that has presented itself, but I see a few potential issues that are making me think twice and seeking further guidance, information and advice... Currently I am in New York State the weather here has been hot and dry for weeks with little to no rain. Most lawns are burnt...
  11. Asap_Luca

    Private post office

    Hello there! How are you all? So, i have had an idea that i really would like to bring here. In Italy people ALWAYS hate go to the post office, surely go to the post office isn't spectacular for anybody, but here there always are people that have to waste their day of work, or at least half of...
  12. Greg R

    [Process] Transfer of Skills To Agency

    Just a week or two ago, I created a new business that was based on a transfers of skills I've acquired over the last 5 years and a built-in customer base. To summarize, I've learned a lot about SEO from my product-based company. So much so, that people started asking me to help them. A...
  13. Joejordan95

    Can you set up a website?

    FLF, I'm looking to get a website set up for my service business venture. I'm not great at doing this and don't really have the inclination to learn to do so based on past experiences. I'm hopeful that someone is looking for an opportunity to sharpen their skills and wants help and if you've got...
  14. C

    Opening a service based business

    Hi guys My girlfriend has been an eyelash technician (beautician) for 4 years and has been self employed working from a space at home for just over a year now We’ve managed to grow her client base massively through word of mouth, Facebook ads and overall providing a really good service. She’s...
  15. thereehldeal27

    How much should I charge for private life coaching/image consulting?

    Hello ya'll, I am currently laying out a plan to offer 12-week life coaching/image consulting VIA Zoom (as of now). I am planning on going to the Craigslist services section and posting my pitch (which I am currently writing copy for). My question is, how much should I charge for private...
  16. Dabhorse

    International customer service

    What to do and where to go when transferring business to another country?
  17. P

    My Service Buissness Ideas

    Hello Everyone, While doing my regular Freelance job, idea came to my mind. I am thinking of starting a service Buissness. In this Buissness I want to help small Buissness to grow. I will do the Advertising of that Buissness in various online source like Facebook, Instagram and also Google. If...
  18. Johnny boy

    Good marketing = better sleep

    When my lawn care company had about 45 people on recurring service contracts and I did the work myself, we had a moderate number of complaints. Now that I have almost 90 contracts, with employees handling them, we get a LOT more complaints. When our customer acquisition came from Craigslist...
  19. C

    Cargo Delivery (Service Business)

    So I have been on this forum for almost a year now, read the books and have been doing my fair share of action faking, but really decided to get started even if I might fail. At this point it is almost about just executing on any reasonable idea just to break through the paralysis of not getting...
  20. jonahsr

    Unique E-Commerce Service - What do you think?

    I joined here a couple of weeks ago & already got so much value from reading many of the topics, so thank you all! I'm 19 years old & came up with a (IMO) value bringing service for e-commerce businesses. The concept is 360-degree product images WITHOUT hiring a photography studio. 360-degree...