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  1. P

    Find Trustworthy Developers to Build Your MVP Without Risking Money $$

    Do you have an idea for an application? Problem: you don't know how to code, and neither do you have thousands of dollars to hire a developer. Even if you DID have the money to hire a developer, you don't know how to find one that is trustworthy. The risk of losing all your money is real...
  2. Bugs Bunny

    Mailing List

    I am planning to contact IP attorneys by email to setup a phone call to talk about their business for a possible SaaS product. I did a Google search for mailing list broker for IP attorneys. I found out that the market is big enough for my target income. The mailing list broker is selling each...
  3. mentalic

    B2B SaaS sales during summer season

    SAAS / APPS 
    Hello, Its been my first summer running my B2B SaaS business and it seems like sales are not doing good during July. Is this something normal for summer season? Should I be worried? Our customers are mostly from US,CA & UK. Bare in mind that we hadn't done any pre-work regarding summer...
  4. Martinv678

    SAAS Product Creation - Successes and Failures

    I want to create this process thread to as one, a way of documenting the growth of the product and two, to help others who maybe looking to create their own tech product. For obvious reasons I will not be disclosing the product until it is out of beta and fully released. Back story: I am...
  5. S

    Making the first £1

    I've just finished reading unSCRIPTED and thoroughly enjoyed reading it, I also received the necessary kick up the backside to stop making excuses and get executing! The purpose of this thread is to show anyone who reads it that it's possible to get into the fastlane/unscripted route through...
  6. maverick

    Launching a SaaS product? Read this.

    A lot of questions are asked about the process of creating a (SaaS) product of value and bringing it to market (i.e. finding product-market fit). I've referenced a number of these videos in my previous postings but feel it deserves a central place. The best way to learn this process is to...
  7. Cub Marley

    Glad to be here & a question

    Hey Everyone! I'm a newbie to the Fastlane Forum, and wanted to say hi. I am living in Gilbert, AZ right now. I am an MBA student who wants to turn that education (plus life experiences) into becoming a business owner one day. One business model I am very interested in is starting a SaaS...
  8. Studious Nomad

    About to start my first SAAS and I need Amazon Sellers to make it work

    SAAS / APPS 
    So, I have a great idea that I think would solve a lot of problems for people launching products to amazon. As the market has become saturated with Aliexpress/Alibaba/Ebay items, I want to create a service geared towards those amazon importers that are currently branding and releasing new...
  9. T

    17 Y/O Built my first SAAS, this is my journey.

    Hi FastLaneForum, I am Kevin, currently in college studying computing, and I just finished developing my first SAAS. I'm here to share with you guys the lessons I've learnt, and hopefully document my SAAS journey. Problem: A few months ago while managing my growing Instagram account, posting 3...
  10. Anoosh

    Looking forward to this journey.. Anoosh from Northern California

    Hey there guys, I got finished reading MJ's amazing book a couple weeks back and it has absolutely transformed my entire thought process for online business, and just "making money" in general. I was so stuck in my "how can I make more money today" for the last 5 years but I never thought once...
  11. dude_abides

    Valuation question. SaaS business

    Hi Fastlaners, I'm trying to help a colleague value a business. It is a cloud based software for professional users (e.g., CPA, FP, Lawyers, etc.). They have approximately 5000 subscribers (monthly users). The revenue is approximately 1 million per year. Their EBITA is approximately 500k per...
  12. M

    (SaaS) The world's first copy and paste Store Locator App

    Hi all, Been a long time member, mostly just checking the gold/progress/AMA thread from time to time. A little bit of background about me, I am a software developer/architect by trade. I started my side mobile app business for a hobby since the start of the iPhone revolution. The mobile app...
  13. Locomote

    Creating an SaaS startup without being able to code.

    Sorry for the long opening post. I was asked by @Young-Gun to start a progress thread on my experiences to date of starting an SaaS business. I have spent the last 6 month putting plans in place to hopefully start a successful business but the foundation started a little earlier. 2013- The...

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