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INTRO Ways to improve technical debt!

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Jan 27, 2021
I am building a SaaS tool that will allow the user to edit and convert various images and scanned material into high definition printable formats allowing the user to print any content with ease. But my team recently started facing issues while rolling out v0.2 for our tool. We noticed a good amount to technical debt moving forward we want to improve it.

Need to know if anyone has experiences using a code review tool.

Jon L

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Aug 22, 2015
Bellevue, WA
Technical debt is the result of balancing business needs with 'perfect' programming ideals. Some technical debt is GOOD. Other technical debt isn't. You would be making a stupid business decision to not include good technical debt in your product.

Good technical debt example:
1) Develop a point of sale system that is single-store capable
2) Sell it to a single store
3) Sell it to another store. Instead of making the software multi-store capable, spin up another instance of the software
52) Sell it to store number 600, make yet another separate instance of the software. You've added a ton of features along the way, none of them include making the system multi-tenant. You have 1 full time person, paid $100k/yr to maintain the infrastructure to support all 600 stores. Version upgrades are a beast, but manageable using scripts this person has created. You're making $1M/year profit, minimum. You dominate this very small niche.

Bad technical debt:
Go for years developing your enterprise point of sale system on SQL Server 2005. Its now 2012 and 2005 is EOL. Stop all new feature production for 6 months while you upgrade to a newer SQL version.

So ... do you have good or bad technical debt?

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