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  1. SnowLava

    Here's how you optimally learn how to code

    I have seen a lot of people who want to learn how to code for various reasons. Now am not any coding expert. I just started it as a fun way to spend my time. Yet, I have learnt quite some things that I want to share. For absolute beginners- THE RESOURCE THAT YOU USE DOES NOT MATTER. I had...
  2. Matej Cvetkovski

    15 Year old wanna-be entrepreneur.

    Hello, as of writing this I am a 15 year old and wish to get started with entrepreneurship. I have a handful of skills including: painting, drawing, writing, web design, game dev and a little bit of work with AI. Basically, art, design and programming seem to work with me. Since I've started...
  3. C

    Mobile app programing

    Hello my dear entrepreneurs, I'd like to ask you, more experienced than me, I would like to develop a mobile app (with I'd say pretty complex features such as scheduling, payment and order system, also with customer to customer and business to customer communication features) and I'm quite...
  4. F


    Hello everyone, I 'm french. After reading the first two books of MJ, it is difficult for me to continue in a job. Conversely, starting a business suits me much more. My end goal is to launch a successful app. For this, I learn React Native, which allows to develop android and iOs...
  5. Eelk

    Can't decide what should i spend my time learning (general programming advice required)

    Hello guys, i searched all over the forum for a post or anything that is about my problem but i just couldn't find anything. Not very recently i decided to get into programming because to me it's one of the best skills to learn that i can actually profit off of in the future, but i really can't...
  6. G

    I have an idea for a software, but i don't know how to program

    Hi this is Marco from Italy, i'm 21 and i have been working for two years in the construction sector. My job is to draw projects and to control construction sites, but i want to create something on my own in this field. I have an idea to make a new drawing/sureveying software, but i don't know...
  7. K1 Lambo

    Any experienced programmers here on the Fastlane forum? Looking for potential partners.

    (Not sure if it goes with the forum's guidelines to post something like this on the forum...) As the title suggests, any programmers on the forum who have experience building professional, full stack websites? I was thinking of posting this offer on some freelance websites or on FB groups, but...
  8. A

    CMS or programming website which one is better ?

    Hi guys it's Alexis Autotte ! I came here to ask a question about computer science stuffs and now the semester is soon finishing and this summer I want to build the website dedicated to the Achilles brand some friends of mine are helping me for the moment to host the server and a question comes...
  9. matveyDev

    Introducing myself

    Hi there! I am Matvey,19 y.o. I am happy to be here! I am from Russia, Krasnodar city. 1 year ago I dropped out of university on 1st year, because I didn't like my specialization) While I studied at university, in parallel I learned programming by myself. I was able to find a job as a...
  10. B

    Learning Java Script - Progress Documentation

    Hey all. Where to begin?... I've been reading the forum for a week or 2 now, learning, soaking up wisdom like a sponge. I want to learn programing and web development, because I'd like to change my job at the very least, but hopefully become a freelancer, so I can work from home. I'm 25 and...
  11. J

    I'm starting by learning programming and reading entrepreneurial books. Am I on the right track?

    Hello there, this is my first post. I had never been interested in entrepreneurship until I read MJ's books a couple months before, so I'm a novice. I'm working a part time job and finishing a degree, so I'm taking this slowly. I'm currently learning Python (because I had an idea for a web...
  12. M

    Starting an online business alone (Web-developer / SPA / PWA)

    Hello, I haven't really been active on here before. I read TMF and Unscripted a while ago and that was also the reason I started coding >1.5 Years ago. Now that I gathered some experience I am curious about starting an own business. My development skills focus on building Front End...
  13. mell0w

    I am fully motivated but have no idea

    Hey, i have read the MFL and half of Unscripted. My problem is that i got some programming skills but have no idea what i can do. I think i can be usefull for people or create smth usefull and offer them value, but i just dont know exactly wich problem/need i could fill. I always think "okay...
  14. berrydev

    Need Feedback on My Web App Idea and If I Should Pursue?

    I want to build a web app for generating a meal plan based on budget, family size, time, excluding unliked ingredients, and dietary needs (Calories, Macro-nutrients, Allergies, Gluten Free, Keto, Vegan, Dairy Free, etc.). When your meal plan is generated you get access to your daily/weekly...
  15. L

    I am starting a programming YouTube channel in a saturated environment!

    Report 0 : 22 June 2020 Who am i? I am a 28 year old IT student (bachelor student with average marks) in Europe. I am a beginner programmer with acceptable English and java skills. I want to start a programming channel in English! oh, boy... What are my goals? My short term goal is to upload...
  16. K

    Learning to code, pays of, even before you can code.

    (Sorry for my english, it's not my first or second language:hilarious:) This is my progress thread on learning to program from absolutely scratch, not even knowing, what i don't know. A couple of weeks ago, I determined that I wanted to learn to code. The decision was made on getting a firm...
  17. S

    Coding bootcamp?

    Hey guys, My name is Sam, I'm 19 and live in Canada. I have always had an interest in coding, and recently have been taking some programming courses online and have been enjoying them. (React, NodeJS, MongoDB, etc.) I want to keep learning, and found some different coding bootcamps that seem...
  18. K

    Searching recommendations for Ruby On Rails course

    Hey there! - I have been looking around with search function but have not found it any answer, if there is, please post the link so i wont take any unnessercary time. I'm looking for a great course for Ruby on Rails and would LOVE your recommendations. I'm a total newbie, so i need to learn...
  19. JohnnyClub

    Arrested, walked into jails then walking out of it! I am Hyun johnny Goo! I am being a King!

    Before start this story, I am screaming aloud!!! Since my age now as 28, until 33, I am going to make the real business on the market, putting attitude making myself the most beautiful, sexiest millionaire, the king!!! I’m(Means will be) buying a good house for my mom, dad and my sister. I’m...
  20. Roli

    What Was/Is Your Favourite Coding Course?

    Obviously coding is a big subject here; should I learn to code? Which language should I learn? etc. etc. So I've been learning to code for some time now, and it seems I'm now just climbing out of the valley of disappointment and actually getting somewhere with it. I've tried a few languages...