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process execution

  1. Michi49

    'Unsexy' Opportunity: Utilizing Waste Materials in Agriculture

    Hello again Fastlane Forum members, As mentioned in my introductory thread, I work in the field of agriculture and have the pleasure of collaborating daily with numerous agricultural companies. During a recent meeting with one of my clients, an intriguing discussion arose regarding a specific...
  2. stefanoesposito

    After Months of Dedication, I Fulfilled A Dream: MyGigz is Live and Already Receiving Its First Accolades!

    In these days, I have fulfilled a dream that I have cherished for years: I launched MyGigz, a multi-user platform dedicated to musicians, artists and live event organizers. Its purpose is simple yet powerful: it serves as a centralized hub for live gig updates and allows the sharing of dates...
  3. Felix Nachem

    Could you build a business without this ONE thing?

    I'm reading TMF for the 3rd time and something got me thinking in the chapter explaining „the law of effection". Could you possibly create a business, just focusing on the process and giving a F*ck about visualizing yourself on a beach with a cocktail and a macbook? Do you need to be thinking...
  4. JJHemingway

    Entrepreneurship, Dilemmas, and Rants... Business Ownership at 18 [Progress Thread]

    Introduction: I want to share this just in the off chance someone learns from my progress. I also want to do this as a way to keep myself accountable. In High School I picked up some computer skills from online which eventually led to helping out my neighbors. My father was well known within...
  5. aidanoffline

    The Journey of Building and Selling a Physical Product

    **Update: This is no longer what this thread is about. This thread is about a product that works in general and will continue until something sticks. Scroll down to see more.** By following this thread, you will be one of the first to witness greatness. This is the start of my very first...
  6. Matt Lee

    Mastering B2B sales from zero (a detailed personal journal and a guide)

    Hey guys, haven't posted here in a while. I've been thinking of ways to create some value on the forum. So I might as well write about my current process in learning B2B sales. Preface: I've been working on a YouTube business for the past 10 months now. But the thing is it hasn't picked up...
  7. J

    Q&A How I am scaling my digital marketing agency

    This post is a continuation of my introduction post. I've received a lot of questions and a few emails asking me to detail the process of quitting my 9-5 and scaling my digital marketing agency to six figures. I want to be fully transparent and say that I am figuring this out as I go. What works...
  8. ironmind

    Ironmind - Road to 2k € per month after taxes

    Hi everyone, it's ironmind here. I am a 27-year-old male from a European country, working a 9-5 job with a strong technical background as a programmer. I have several side projects that generate some extra income. My objective is to continue working on these side projects until I can generate...
  9. DCG

    Getting Clients Journey

    Hello everyone, after reading several threads on this site (MINDSET - EXECUTION - I am doing it, at 16... ) that one in particular, I realized that I've sort of been action faking. Sure I've been making websites, but I haven't been outreaching or actually making sales which was the point of this...
  10. DCG

    Actually going to do something part 5

    I finally fininished the CSS tutorial!!!. I am extremely happy about it. I then followed a youtube tutorial on making a login form and here is the final result. I think it's pretty cool. Now that I learned html and css Im now going to learn javascript. I've been playing around with chat gpt and...
  11. DCG

    Actually Going To Do Something Part 4

    Hello I wasn't able to post yesterday. I just want to a quick update on everyting so far. I'm more than half way done with CSS. It would go faster but I've been very busy with school and wresling. I also looked at the chat gpt ai and realized that this could be a very useful tool down the road...
  12. DCG

    Actually going to do something

    Hi and after going on this forum, I want to actually want to do something with my self. Right now I'm broke, I'm so broke that I have 20 dollars in my bank account. After watching this video from Demarco ( View: ) I would...
  13. fastlane_dad

    My 8 Lessons Learned after becoming truly FASTLANE Financially Free!

    After the sale of my Fastlane Business (1.5 years ago) – I consider myself financially free – based on my 8 figure net worth , my low annual spend and my relative age (just turned 40 ! ). Taking into account my investments, and overall prudent nature – I should never run out of money – in fact...
  14. GiacoQ

    MANDALA108 and Sacred Geometry

    First, I greet you and thank you all for the valuable advice and inspiration. My project concerns a coloring book with mandalas and rose windows of the most important churches in the world. Problem that solves: Helps reduce stress and thoughts and creatively entertains people who are bored...
  15. A

    Porn Blocker potential idea ?

    Hi ! I recently watched a company called WonderShare from what I see it's a company that builds software and I scrolled toward some porn blocker on internet and famiSafe which is a porn blocker from their company seems to be a great bet for parents who need to control children from internet...
  16. C

    Automating Yourself Out of Your Business

    I’m a big fan of automating and simplifying processes to make them more efficient. Long term, I want to automate myself out of my business so it can continue running without me. That’s a tough ask when there’s only me and no employees. My business is writing and publishing books/courses in the...
  17. MapsandMeanings

    Need Fastlane Process Advice

    I read @MJ DeMarco book and get super motivated and then there's a day like today where I feel like I'm unsure of the process. I have these really inspiring meetings with my wife and she is on board and then the steps in the process always get me. Here's what I have going on. I sell on Amazon...
  18. Eridius

    6 months of entrepreneurship/lifestyle building & heading towards first millions execution process

    Whatsup fellow entrepreneurs and a$$-kickers. I am Juhani Erdius. This is my first post around here, actually this might be one of the first time I doing this. I am an 18 year old aspiring entrepreneur, and an international college student from Vietnam currently living in US. I has always been...
  19. Isleofbing

    Making money doing dirty deeds (Unsexy Tasks)

    So in light of Covid shutting down a lot of my Union electrical projects I've found myself with a lot of free time. I've decided to start a handyman business to fill up this time and keep me headed forward in a direction. I thought I would keep a process/execution journal and share some of the...
  20. D

    2 hours of cold calls a day

    I know, is not that much. But I have decided to commit to 2 hours of cold call 5 days a week. I hate it. I can't wait for the weekend. But at the same time, I feel different. I am more spontaneous in talking to people, I feel like I am doing something meaningful for myself. I feel...