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  1. avinashsah

    Hello everyone!

    Hello everyone, I'm Avinash from India! I'm a software engineer, age 21, and I already own a very niche tech business. It doesn't make "a lot" of profit as the demand of what I'm selling is very low but it has given me enough profits to quit freelancing (my old job) completely and take full...
  2. General JB2006

    This is the small hurdle that an entrepreneur has to face, which can make the biggest impact...

    If they don't come to you, come to them. This is tedious as F*ck but you gotta do what you gotta do, One cold email and dm every day, small but baby steps at least, I am gonna expand my view of a niche. Making a personalized script too for each client. To other entrepreneurs out there that are...
  3. M

    AI app/platform idea feedback - and next steps

    Hello all, I'm new to the forum and to entrepreneurship. I'm in the process of reading Unscripted and it really motivated me to start developing my own software products. I'm a bit overwhelmed by the amount of information available so wanted to ask for some feedback and what my next steps...
  4. K

    New York City Slowlaner here

    So this is the first time I’ve ever been apart of ANY forum, so here goes nothing. I just finished reading the millionaire fast lane and I’ve and now want to change my life forever. Just a little background about myself . I am a 30 year old male, single, no kids, living alone in a two bedroom...
  5. V

    Building an app with zero coding experience join me on my journey!

    Hi, This will probably more be my diary which other people can see so that's pretty cool. I had an idea for an app not long ago and thought yeah it's good but I'll wait for a better one. I don't wanna wait no more. I want to execute now and hard. I'll be posting here I think twice a week...
  6. S

    Desperate to start. Please help.

    Hello, my name is Timm from Germany and I'm about to go crazy! After reading Unscripted and Millionaire Fastlane I really want to start my own business. But all the ideas I came up with already exist. In addition, these are very perfected and I wouldn't have a chance in the "value competition"...
  7. Bernardo De Mach

    2022 Side Hustle

    Looking to develop a valuable skill in something. Any suggestions which will be good long term. I've seen coding, copywriting etc but whats your guys advice or thoughts
  8. J

    My first post here!

    Hello fellow entrepreneurs! I have recently started reading Unscripted and thought I would join the fun. I’m 26 and from England, currently working as a software salesman. I have had a few businesses in the past, all online, one made money and was going quite well until government regulations...
  9. C

    27 and life feels heavy!

    Hello! Quick intro about me, I am 27 and female from the UK. I did terrible at school as I came from a very dysfunctional family so I ended with very bad grades which I thought was the end for me because school, society and parents drilled it into my head that bad grades meant bad job/ bad life...
  10. G

    Influx of cash... what to do with it?

    I've received a bunch of money and I don't want to just waste it away on bills. I was hoping for advice. "What would you do if you got your first $10,000, knowing what you know now?" I'm unemployed at the moment because of Covid, but I've been given a sizable bit of cash by my father. $10, 000...
  11. maximusVaio

    A newbie to Instagram

    Hey there everyone! I just joined this forum and would love to document my process as I would be entering the social media app Instagram. My background - I am an engineer who just graduated college and extremely interested in software and entrepreneurship. THE PROCESS - Documenting and...
  12. S

    Hi TFF!

    Hi guys Just finished 'the millionaire fastlane' a week or two ago, and 'unscripted' is on its way. I've since read a couple threads in here (without an account), which only gave me good reasons to join the forum. I guess more quality information can be found in MJ's books and in here than most...
  13. Jemmalee


    I’ve downloaded FastLane on audible and have listened to 3 chapters. I’m a little bit ‘mind blown’ at the moment. So... not following passions. Something I thought I should be doing and why i was getting it wrong... Talking business, solving a problem. Creating a directory of “Find a ......”...
  14. Pablo La Torre

    Pathways to becoming an Architect & Developer

    My name is Pablo La Torre, and I have recently graduated from a BSc in Architecture. During my undergraduate studies I have always been interested in Real Estate development because it allows me as an architect to be more in control over a building project; its design, usage, and the profit I...
  15. MaraOnMove

    Looking for Sources to Genuinely Learn About Online Marketing!

    Primarily looking for courses, books and other sources where I could learn all about online marketing. Stuff that it is useful today and up-to-date, such as SEO, Social Media Ads and Management, PPC, Web Analytics, Branding, Content Marketing, Competition research, Campaign Management, Email...
  16. Ru9

    Hey everyone

    Hello, good people! My name is Runar, I'm 28 y/o from Norway :) I swallowed the red pill when I was 25. I started picking up all kinds of different books about business and self-help to find out what was missing from my seemingly perfect life. Got a house, spouse, kids, car, dog, etc. I can't...
  17. RazorCut

    Failure is almost guaranteed if you ignore this one simple truth

    A thought struck me whilst coming back from a walk in the forest this morning. I was thinking on how potential success can be derailed for an article I am writing when, all of a sudden, I remembered a thread that I had contributed to, and had this thought that new entrepreneurs might...
  18. Olumide

    Hello, I'm new here

    Hello, I'm Olumide from Nigeria and I currently work as a software developer. I'm looking to build a business that meets a need in my community over here, still gathering my requirements though. A friend of mine recommended Fastlane millionaire (the book) to me and I'm currently reading up. I've...
  19. Mr. Bazz

    From Power 5 Division 1 Football to Multi-national Corporate Finance Analyst

    Hey Fastlane Community - here is my story: Who Am I: :football:&:pencil: All my life, I followed the standard means of living. I went to school did well with Academics and athletics. I followed the path, being fortunate to receive a full scholarship to play Football in the Power 5 conference...
  20. Kyle T

    One Day at a Time: A Message to Forum Newbies

    "I am not there yet, but I am closer than I was yesterday..." I joined this forum less than 6 months ago and this post is specifically for other newbies who are browsing this forum. There are on only 2 things that you have to do in order to be successful in using this wonderful place. Read...