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  1. Rawseed

    AI to Create Emails for Shopify Stores

    Noah Kagan from AppSumo just released some software that's supposed to use artificial intelligence to automate email marketing for Shopify store owners. I don't have a Shopify store. So, I haven't tried the software. I'm also not affiliated with AppSumo. And I'm not an affiliate for the...
  2. WuBa-Solutions

    INTRO More than 5 years without success :-(

    Hello entrepreneurs! I'm happy to have read both of the books and I have had read a lot of other books. I started my journey I guess around 5 years ago with an idea in the construction sector after I have finished my house. :) I started a website where I have offered a planning and tracking...
  3. Hassan

    Side hustle to $5k/Month:Watch Me Go All In Content Marketing

    You know that light-bulb "aha!" moment when something inside you just "clicks"? A powerful idea or message penetrates you with brutally honest, but beneficial and life-altering truths? Well I recently finished reading "Can't Hurt Me" by David Goggins, and it jolted my mind into gear. It...
  4. pkom79

    Learn How To Advertise Like Apple

    Millions tuned in today at 10 am PST to watch a nearly 2 hour long Apple commercial. Undoubtedly Apple's marketing team is one of the best (if not the best) in the world. They spend millions of dollars every year on production and advertising, and they must be doing something right since they...
  5. ADR

    How the This Job Sucks podcast was started

    If you want to learn how we started, listen to WE DROP PODS. We discuss the making of the musical intro, building the recording studio, favorite moments and more. Here’s the link: View:
  6. Kyle T

    Providing Value Through Video To Get More Clients

    Alright, so this thread is similar to Earl's Crushing B2B Sales on LinkedIn thread but I am going into the details about how my system has developed differently since I started using the strategy. My agency has replaced my income and I am now looking to scale! To do this I need to focus on what...
  7. DustinH

    Dan Kennedy RIP

    Dan Kennedy passed away last week writing his final newsletter from his death bed (true to form). I was curious if anyone else on here was influenced by some of the stuff he taught in direct mail, direct response marketing, info marketing, copywriting, and running a business???
  8. marfling

    How I grew my SEO client base.

    I have small SEO business currently servicing 12 clients paying a monthly retainer as well as some ad-hoc project work such audits and research. I’m earning well but my income is 100% handcuffed to my time and I don’t know where the keys to the handcuffs are at the moment. I’ve only really just...
  9. tmb22

    EXECUTION Overall Look at a Local Service Business

    I don't expect much attention on this thread, but wanted to start it as my progress thread and also a way for all the local service guys on here to brainstorm and share ideas with each other for best marketing, software, hiring, and customer service practices. I am launching my business in the...
  10. C


    Hi guys Just wanted your take on the way you do proposals I've recently had someone interested in my service (digital marketing) and they asked me to send over a proposal. I sent them a PDF with 4 pages that had a list of our services, what they entail and their prices but I'm not sure this is...
  11. Connor_Motivasis

    Outreach Software

    Howdy forum-goers, I've got an idea that I need some feedback on. It's a product I'm looking to create that assists in marketing outreach. First, I'm curious what (if any) software you use to help with affiliate marketing? I use Semrush, KWfinder, and BuzzStream personally. My problem right now...
  12. Siddhartha

    Master Persuaders: Was Steve Jobs Secretly A Spell-Casting Wizard?

    A Tantalizing Article About Steve Jobs For You: Steve Jobs Cast Spells To Save Apple We're All Familiar With The Story Of Apple, Right? A once great company, by the end of the 90s it was limping along and about to slide the lid over it's gilded coffin. Something changed though... what was...
  13. Primeperiwinkle

    StoryBrand. 10k for this certification? Has anyone bought this? To become a StoryBrand Certified Guide takes 4 days of intensive seminars for the grand sum of ten thousand dollars. Now, I understand the importance of clarifying your idea and I get that most ppl have no idea how to communicate their...
  14. V

    INTRO Hello! Solopreneur here aspiring to become an Entrepreneur & truly get into the Fastlane!

    Hi, My name is Vitaliy, a Ukrainian-American living in Spartanburg, South Carolina, USA. I'm always immersing myself in self-development, learning about business, and I'm excited to interact on this forum. Currently, I do headlight restoration (3+ years), social media marketing for a...
  15. Adelaide

    EXECUTION Advice Wanted - Releasing my Online Course

    Hey Fastlaners, I'm after some advice on how to launch my online course. So far my business has held events - this the first course. Should I release the online course myself now? or Wait to 'launch it' via a marketing company in 3 months? Marketing company will take a couple months because...
  16. Starlust

    Is Copywriting Dying? - The ClickBait Is A Real Danger

    I've just realized that more and more people are starting to be aware of copywriting, unfortunately in a negative way. We all know what copywriting is (I hope so) and what it is used for. But... there is a big problem. It is being used to promote bad quality products, leaving the ugly mark on...
  17. D

    Limited Ways to Reach my Audience

    I know where/what my target market is 100%, but there is a problem. Huge barrier to reach them. A competitor pretty much owns the community. He is a mod. There is another spot where my target market is..., but very low traffic. Pretty much dead. Then a subreddit where I want to post...
  18. Spicymemer45

    EXECUTION Creating a digital marketing business | $2K Monthly Goal

    Hey Fastlane, a quick update for those that know me, ended up with a medical discharge right in the middle of special forces selection, back home now and in school and reinvigorated to get shit done Had the idea for this from the GOLD threads since it would make college life a lot easier and...
  19. Paul David

    Amazon v going alone with Shopify

    I'm currently about to launch a new physical products brand and i'm unsure about which route to go down to market them on. I have identified two main (successful) competitors for my products. One sells on Amazon and via their own shopify website for around $20.00. The other competitor sells...
  20. broncoguru

    INTRO Looking for Local Orange County California Digital Marketing / E-commerce Mastermind Group

    Is anyone interested in starting a mastermind group in Orange County California with me? Must live in the 714 area code or really close to it. I’m looking for digital marketers/e-commerce entrepreneurs or tech-related entrepreneurs. Retailers are welcomed too! Don’t need real estate...

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